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Hybrid Theory (QUAVO/Travis Scxtt Type)
New School
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40Beatz Inc. is the Production Company of the future!! All beats on this website are available for Lease or Exclusive Rights. Email me at fortybeatz@yahoo.com for all prices!

(1) LEASING RIGHTS: By leasing any beats on this website, you can use the beat for only ONE profitable commercial recording or broadcast purpose. Also, you will have Non-Exclusive rights to the beat. This is the perfect solution for working on a low budget album. Leasing rights can be sold multiple times by 40Beatz Inc and the beat remains on the website. Once you have purchased the right to use the beat you will receive a CD in the mail containing the full beat in wav format, and each track of the beat, broken up into separate individual .wav files. In addition you will receive a signed 40Beatz Inc contract granting you non-exclusive rights to the beat.

(2) EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: With exclusive rights you'll be able to use the beat for all profitable commercial recording or broadcasting purposes. Once exclusive rights are sold to you, the beat is no longer available on the website. Exclusive rights are sold to only ONE user and will not be resold or transferred to any other party. Once you have purchased the exclusive right to use the beat you will receive a CD in the mail containing the full beat as audio, the full beat in .wav format, and the separate parts of the beat as individual .wav files. In addition you will receive a signed 40Beatz Inc contract granting you exclusive rights to the beat.

(3) CUSTOM BEATS: This is a beat made to your description, we will discuss exactly how you want it and go over all of the details. It's made for you and you only, It will NOT be heard by anyone until you've released the song. Prices differ and package deals are available so e-mail me for more information.
Once I have the descriptions I can have the beats finished very quickly, I usually do 1-2 beats a day for custom orders. I will e-mail you a mp3 file sample of each beat as I make them. The mp3 file samples are in 22050 mono bit wav files encoded into 64 kbps mp3's for strict Security Purposes. The quality is still good enough for you to get a clear listen and decide if you like it or not. So once you have the mp3 sample, you then listen to the beat, you can request changes or add-ons, or tell me that you don't want the beat and I'll make another one to replace it. You get what you want, you never pay for something until you have heard and agreed on it.

Last but not least:

(4) PURCHASING BEATS: Buying a beat works just like Leasing or getting Exclusive rights to a beat. EXCEPT!!! I will transfer all Copyrights to the beat. So once we've decided on which beat you want, the price, and how you want to pay, you will then send the payment to the mailing address I provide. Once I've received the payment I will then ship out the package to you Priority Delivery. Included in the package will be a CD with the beat on it as a full length audio file for stereo use, on the CD as data will be the beat as a full length wav file and the separate parts of the beat as wav files for computer use, and along with the CD will be a signed/dated legal contract handing you exclusive/leasing rights to the beat. So you will receive a 6" x 9" envelope and the contents will be 1 CD and 1 contract
Why this name?
I've always had the name Big 40 since I was a freshmen in High School(1987). A very longtime ago! After I dibble-dabbled in the streets for many years, I noticed that easy money was NOT necessarily long lasting money. So I invested some short money into some music equipment. I had dreams of becoming a rapper at one point in my life. So I wanted to make the beats that I would flow to. I quickly realized that, just like being in the streets, its better to keep a low profile. So I put the microphone on the shelf and concentrated on perfecting my beat-making skills. Gradually, after letting more and more people listen to my music, people started to say "Oooh, that sounds like a 40 Beat"! Eventually, I penned the name "40Beatz". I added the "Inc." because my company will soon become a collection of sub-companies. I have a lot in store for the future. This is just the beginning!
Do you play live?
Right now, I'm concentrating on the moment at hand. I've been getting a steady flow of customers wanting to purchase beats. So I'm gonna cater to artists in need of Hip-Hop and R&B tracks!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Digital technology is the future. The internet is the ultimate mouthpiece! Let the people hear your creations and let them decide!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Right about now? NO! The only thing I'm looking for is DISTRUBUTION!
Your influences?
Dr. Dre, Havoc(old school Havoc)
Favorite spot?
Elmer Ave.
Buffalo NY
Equipment used:
Yamaha Motif, Several Sound Modules, Yamaha AW2816 recording workstation, 2 Technic 1200's, PC(ProTools 7.0, Cubase SX 3.0, Wavelab 6, Waves Diamond Bundle, several other plugins), and last but not least....Imagination!
Anything else...?
We accept PayPal, Western Union or Money Orders!

Email us for all prices!


All beats on this website are legally copyrighted. Any use of these beats for profit without written permission from 40Beatz Inc is strictly prohibited and legal action will be taken. If you use a beat from this page then "Produced by 40Beatz for 40Beatz Inc." has to be in the credits or the song will be removed from your site.