Wishing You Were Here (Hearts Collide)
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This is the music video for the Rob EC song 'Hearts Collide' which is featured in the film 'Adventureland'. The song, originally called 'Wishing You Were Here' but changed to 'Hearts Collide' for the movie
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Rob E C's first two singles, "Right Here Waiting" and "Heaven" are now available on I-Tunes and cdbaby.com. Also available is his EP "Give It Up", featuring "Give It Up", "Her Way", "Freak 2 Nite", and "Wishing You Were Here". Look for his first two full length albums and a re-mix album of Rob E C songs later this year on I-Tunes, the official Rob E C music store.

Internet Hits: Highest Position

#2 "Listen To Your Heart" (Dance chart)
#4 "Heaven" (Euro-pop chart)
#4 "I'm Sure" (Euro-pop chart)
#10 "Right Here Waiting (Cover songs)
#37 "Give It Up" (Power Pop)
#39 "Heaven" (D.J. Trax remix)(electronica chart)
#40 "You Can Try" (Alternative Power Pop chart)
#58 "Always" (euro-pop chart)

Why this name?
I used the initials from my real name.
Do you play live?
Los Angeles
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It gives people a chance to hear a lot of up and coming bands who haven't made it big yet.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
Depeche Mode, Lasgo, Daniel Bedingfield, Linkin Park, etc.
Equipment used:
I'll let you know when I've learned how to use it all.
Heaven (cd-maxi single)
The Remixes
Right Here Waiting (cd maxi-single)
Give It Up (ep)
Listen To Your Heart (cd maxi-single)
album title The Voices Inside
Deliverance (album title)
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