Push Thru (W/Hook Breana Marin)
Instrumentals with Hooks
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Rico's Gruv
Rico's Gruv
Dirty South
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play hi-fi  Hurtin' Blues (Studio Version)
play hi-fi  Bled Dry (Studio Version)
play hi-fi  Wayfaring Stranger
play hi-fi  Favorite Time
play hi-fi  Come On Down
play hi-fi  Frozen Wind
play hi-fi  Road Walk Blues
play hi-fi  Texas Blues Man
play hi-fi  Bled Dry Live July 4th 2008 Volente Beach Texas
play hi-fi  EFunky Jam July 4th 2008
New CD "Play Guitar Like A Girl" available at DigStation, soon on CdBaby, iTunes, Amazon and many others, buy it now!!

CD "Rico's Gruv Rockin' Blues" available at iTunes, Amazon, Reverbnation, Bandcamp and many other places, search for it !!

Guaranteed to plaster your musical soul to the wall screaming "hell yeah", or "oohhh... noooo.".

WARNING: Rico's Gruv may cause children and lil' ole' ladies to run screaming in terror and small furry animals to explode.


Rico has started selling some of the tracks on the music page.

Why should you buy Rico's music? It will help funding of recording, producing, and selling a "real" CD with live, human drummer, bass player, and other picker's and grinner's as needed.

Support the small-time local artist and help Rico deliver the Gruv and Tone you have come to love!!!

Watch for Rico grooving solo and "un-plugged" around Austin.

Rico's Gruv is is currently looking for Management, Agents, Producers, and Studios to partner with.

Take a listen to our music page, and please say hello on the Rico's Gruv message board!!

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Rico is mixing up Gruv and Tone on his PC studio. He also found another local drummer who think's he's tolerable enuff' to work with on his upcoming CD.

Rico is currently looking for Management, Agents, Producers, and Studios to partner with.
Why this name?
Bass and Drums dig an immovable gruv, Rico fills it with unstoppable tone. Nuff' said.
Do you play live?
Rico will be appearing live at the Fumee' Cigar Lounge in Cedar Park, Saturday June 19th 2010. 8-10pm Special guests may drop by and sit in.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Gives me more ways to introduce my music to more listeners.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Currently rebuilding.

Drummer Will Eversden has joined Rico to record a CD and maybe play out some.

Your influences?
Motown, Jeff Beck, Buddy Miller, SRV, Eric Clapton, All The Kings, All their influences.
Favorite spot?
Blues Jam, Sunday nights, 9pm-close, Friends (bar), 6th Street, Austin Texas
Equipment used:
Stratwrassle an 88' Fender American Standard, Epiphone DOT, G&L-F100-II rock hero axe, Various custom built tube amps.

Bassthumpin' Old Fender Jazz and Custom Bass thru whatever's rented at the time.

Bangngruvin' wooden cylinders with skins stretched across, shiny metal cymbals, beat with wooden sticks.
Anything else...?
It's all about gruv and tone, bay-bee !!
Play Guitar Like A Girl Cover 1
Fumee tweaked
Fumee gig
At a smokey bar somewhere in Texas
Fumee' gig flyer..
Will be grooving...
Diggin' in at a show...
Rico built amp..
Fumee gig..
July 4th somewhere in Texas
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