A Shortcut To Mushrooms
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play hi-fi  Ballad of Lonely Man
play hi-fi  (Willam Blake's) The Fly
play hi-fi  Shoeshine
play hi-fi  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
play hi-fi  Final Hour
play hi-fi  Ever After
play hi-fi  The Dreary Plains of Never
A Shortcut To Mushrooms is actually just one person at the core, who is a run-of-the-mill geek attempting to make music that's his own. He hopes it works.
Your influences?
Ben Folds (Five), Aimee Mann, The Cardigans, Duncan Sheik, Jon Brion, Elliott Smith, The Pearlfishers, The Beatles
Equipment used:
PC + Audiophile 2496, Fostex MR-8HD, Yamaha CS1x, a humble Behringer mixer, some guitars and bass, and a lot of guts.
Anything else...?
My anus is bleeding.
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