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NEWS   Strobe Sweden have reached 18th position in pop/rock chart as best so far......
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#4 in Pop out of 127,756 songs I guarantee that you'll be very happy after listening to this song. You want to snuggle up to whoever is with you right now. I hope it's not your gold fish! Little bit wet! :)
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play hi-fi  Don't Close Your Eye's
play hi-fi  Come On Down
play hi-fi  Mountain of love
play hi-fi  The one that I need
play hi-fi  Once in my life
Strobe is two guys from Sweden that makes music for fun and pleasure.

Robert on keyboards and Stefan on guitars.
We have two singers that sing different songs.
Niclas and Peter are their names.

We grew up listening to music of Toto, David Foster, Genesis, Sting and A.O.R in general and started playing in groups in the early 80ies.
Stefan played in a group called "Avenue" and Robert in "Section Eight".
Section Eight came to the semifinals in the Swedish Rock championship both 1987 and 1988.

Nowdays we don't play live but have done with both our bands and also in different covergroups.

Our music is made in Roberts studio.
See our homepage for information and equipments used.
Why this name?
The bandname comes from STefan and ROBErt wich is our names. Easy and short
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