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singer/songwriter/guitar vaguely americana, pop, rock. all-original songs owe much to wilco, uncle tupelo, ryan adams, a whole mess of other good songwriters & dynamic performers.
Why this name?
no 'band' to speak of, so just a couple initials and a name
Do you play live?
yes, usually coffeeshops & smaller bars/pubs all over arizona. mostly in phoenix and tucson.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
probably would rather not. smaller, independent labels suit my tastes and ambitions better. though, c'mon, it's not like I'm really worrying much about this.
Band History:
one man act, stepped up to the mic after implosions of various other bands and musical projects over the last decade
Your influences?
alt.country, acoustic, rock, pop, southwest boot-gazer rock. think a mix of uncle tupelo, wilco, paul simon, ani difranco, greyhound soul, calexico... etc, etc, etc....
Equipment used:
Harmony Sovereign 1260, 1203 acoustics; Gibson LG1 acoustic; Kay jumbo acoustic; 1970's-1980's MIJ copies of famous electric guitars. old off-brand american electrics by Kay, Harmony, Danelectro. Amps by Silvertone, Epiphone, Fender.
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