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Binghi Ghost x Relic x Iroc
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Binghi Ghost - Binghi-ghost. That's two different words representing a different kind of artist, a modern day reggae artist. Binghi comes from the Rastafarian word for nyabinghi: meaning the real deal original chanting that Rastafarians use to give thanks and praises thru singing. It comes from the ancient 'griots' of Africa who used a similar type of chanting to tell stories.

Ghost is the 'add-on' that came from an old Rasta breddrin from the Virgin Islands who recognized two things. One: that Binghi was a white dread, and two that he was a baaaaaad man on the mic with his reggae style. Thus, Binghi-Ghost, the moniker, was born.
Hailing from a little island in the Caribbean called St. Croix, B. ghost was raised with all the ingredients to make him a reggae force to be reckoned with. The culture of the island and the direct linkage to old, west African customs and cultures, has given Mr. Ghost all the tools he needs to go in a straight line with his music, as he likes to say..."forward ever, backward never". Plus, he is an individual who truly feels the music and lets it envelop him in its pulsing rhythms and melodies.

Relic - Born and raised in Oakland California, Relic is a modern day Earth Soldier who’s dedicated to justice and equality. “Relic” (because he represents his ancestors) has been an active member of the Bay Area hip-hop scene for many years. He linked with DJ Descend in early 97’ and went on to make his debut album “Street Scholars.” (98’) He spent the next years perfecting his stage show by performing at a number of events, from small benefits to large concerts.
Relic co-founded Street Scholars Records and Entertainment alongside Sergio “Surge Night” Monleon in 2001, the two promoted several events in the East Bay while continuing work on upcoming projects. Relic recently finished his new solo album “Note to Self,” which is a coming together of his work from 1999-2003.
One of Relic’s main goals is to make music that liberates the minds of the imprisoned. “When I was growing up I felt like the fact that I thought for myself made me a social minority and through music I found freedom, so the least I can do is try to free the next man.”
Aside from his solo career Relic, along side Unity Lewis and Binghi Ghost, is one third of the trinity that makes up a reggae/hip-hop fusions group called Elementactics. Currently the trio has been in the studio recording their debut album, which is soon to catch the world off guard.
As an artist, and a record producer Relic is on course to make a big impact on the global community. So keep your eyes, ears, and hearts open.....

Iroc - Iroc - Producer / Rapper / Dee Jay
Iroc started DJing in 1987. His brother (Rotten Robbie of CyberPunk) and himself formed a group then known as Thai & Imus. After Thai (Tai) sold his 1965 mustang so an EPS could be purchased they produced their first demo which was reviewed in the now defunked 4080 magazine.
Iroc and his brother changed names and production styles more times then a snake sheds it's skin. Some of their names included The Oddcuple, Apocalypse, Crisis, X-con, DOA and DJ Bigtime & Co-T. In 1997 Iroc started his own labelMost High Records which released Most High Recordins' EP featuring several guest rappers. Iroc has since become a solo artist writing all his own rhymes, doing his own production, and all his own cuts.
Be on the look-out for Iroc’s 1st solo album called “The Paradox” being released in eary summer 2004. This album includes guest profomances from Pep-Love of the Hieroglyphics, and Relic and Binghi Ghost from the Street Scolars camp. Iroc chose to use many producers for the production on this album. From Hala-X ( up and comer from Poland),Relic, Chemlab Productions, Cornerstone Productions and himself every track is pure fire. Already a hit with “Sasha” (an ode to his sister who passed in 92) and his Oakland street anthem “Trip Through O.A.K.L.A.N.D” this will be a certified banger.
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