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play hi-fi  So much class
play hi-fi  Perfection
play hi-fi  18th of may - topical joint
play hi-fi  vs bloodshott
play hi-fi  vs rico
play hi-fi  Gettin Distracted
play hi-fi  Freeverse (Afrodisiac)
play hi-fi  Theres a Time (Sample)

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featuring 17 tracks..
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Some would say...Its hard to find an artist
perfect flow, meaningful lyrics...
decent multies, that can write on topicals...
that can
freestyle nicely totally off the dome..
that can
battle, make quality beats AND sing...
But Writeous aint your average rapper...

Born on the 3rd of november 1984
in Portland Jamaica..
Writeous has been rapping for 4 years...
since the age of 16...

For more stuff on writeous check...

Writeous is a 20 year old Rap Artist from the UK.
Album In Touch tha Mixtape out Early August 2005

Currently working on
the followin websites...
www.writeous.co.uk 'n

For Writeous beats check..

Do you play live?
Nah, But I make People Play dead.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Advertises it
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Ummmmm.. Depends
Your influences?
Big L, Jehst, Em, Sean Paul..
Equipment used:
Sure PG58 Mic..
Cool Edit Pro 2..
Anything else...?
Ummm Yea... KENT Stand up
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