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play hi-fi  Angel's Fly
play hi-fi  Shaman Tears
play hi-fi  Pirot Vonda Stuff
play hi-fi  Spiritual RoadRunner Featuring Mariah Dawn
play hi-fi  Oh My God Ft Mariah Dawn
play hi-fi  Nuquist Indy ft Janis
play hi-fi  Mystifornication
play hi-fi  Your Sins Around ft Taratoxic
play hi-fi  Dramatic Love ft Taratoxic
play hi-fi  Love Bang Theory
Hi every body.
Happy to present you my group (but I'm alone at the moment),
makin' music all the time

I used to play with a pop/rock band : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NXH9IRK6ng
Why this name?
It's a nahuatl neologism probably created by my little sister. She used to have it as pseudo, but she changed her pseudo on Internet. I "stole" her older one.
Do you play live?
by the past
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
For sure, videos kill radio stars, and Internet kills worldwide stars profits hi hi
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
For sure, what I do don't interest them. And what they sell generally disgust me. Choice on soundclick or myspace is often far better .-)
Band History:
Playing piano when I was 8 years old and church organ (harmonium exactly at the beginning) when I was 11, I was frustrated with poor choices of sounds with these instruments, even if I could tweak them. So naturally I was interested in synths.

I loved a lot progressive and electro scenes from 70's and 80's, criticized it too, so I decided to give my touch to music creation. I tried on some titles to make kind of electro metal (angel fly, unborn reds skies I & II), and for the rest to touch different styles. I think electro took a bad way with techno and dance in 90's, so I just try to stay nearby the first electro spirits.
Your influences?
Pink Floyd, JM Jarre, Peter Gabriel, that are artists you can listen through my music, but
I listen Soundgarden, Faith no More, Led Zeppelin,
U2, Devin Townsend, RadioHead, Muse, and ... Laura J Boll?
Favorite spot?
Brittany, France
Equipment used:
Korg Karma, Korg Legacy, Korg M3+Radias, Yamaha Motif, and some VSTI, sequencing and waving softwares.
Anything else...?
When I was young, I dreamt to put letters in arpeggios in order to let music phrases let talk. For instance in Subtle Remark, at one moment, it seems that piano says (to my mind) "peoplea" (1m46'). That's why karma-labs technology seems to be interesting for this aim. Another objective is to no let music emotion invades our bodies and its beauty our minds.
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