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Boer Polar
New School
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play hi-fi  Aseptic
play hi-fi  Unicorn
play hi-fi  AC 's end
play hi-fi  Agony Foreseeable
play hi-fi  Across Those Mountains We Built Between Ourselves
play hi-fi  Mr.android of 17th floor loves M. Monroe
My electronic music
Why this name?
Name of a very good cookies
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think art dont have owners. F*** off employers!!
Band History:
Boer Polar is a solitaire project. I play keyboards,guitar,since 1990. I have played with some hardcore/punk bands and actually i am looking for new sounds in the way of electronic pop, ambient, etc
Your influences?
Some of my influences are Sonic youth, pavement, the cure, Balago, tortoise, the mercury program, don caballero
Equipment used:
Synth, audio editing software (reason,cool edit,sonar), guitar (gibson les paul), Midi keyboard
Anything else...?
Hear my songs, and if you like write me with your opinion ; )
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