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This all Native American Rock band hails from Oklahoma and represents the Cherokee Nation Tribe of their home state.
Why this name?
Native Thunder...

Do you play live?
Jason Snell and the drummer Julian B. have played at the Denver march pow wow, and the Gathering of Nations in ABQ New Mexico, at the Isleta Casino Concert Hall. It was a blast, we played the same stage that REO SPEEDWAGON was scheduled to play a couple nights later, so that totally rocked.

And I (Jason) got to meet Irene Bedard! Who is totally a nice and sincere person. Maybe that's why I was sooooooooooo shy. So yeah, that was special if not priceless.

I also got to meet one of our fans that same weekend. What made this meeting special is the fact that she is representing our tribe, The Cherokee Nation, nation wide with her title as Miss I.A.I.A.(Istitute of American Indian Arts) in Sante Fe New Mexico. Ms. Laura Moore makes us all proud.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Opens up all kinds of doors for the indie artists to market themselves.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Did custer get his rearend sioux'ed? Of course, if all parties involved could be in agreement over the conditions.
Band History:
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The Group came together in the year 2000, which has started with Jason Snell and Mitch Vann Jamming together, realizing they were on to something special they then recruited Kevin Soap as bassist. Although they are Native American. Don't expect to hear Pow wow Drums. On their recordings. These guys write rock songs, straight from the heart. Since 2000 they have come a long way & many changes have been made. Mitch and Kevin have left the group to be at home with their families.

Jason Snell entered into the studios and worked on the CD entitled "State of Grace" wich has eight of all original songs including "Internet Girlfriend" with a heavier tone, which is an all time favorite of many of the bands fans.

NATIVE THUNDER worked with Tony Palmer, the President of OYATE RECORDING GROUPS from ABQ New Mexico.

In many of their Travels, they have come to know many Native American Celebrities , such as Robert Mirabal, Star Nayea, Irene Bedard & Deni (her husband). In which on one of Deni's e-mails he quotes, "your band is good, and you have a great voice, keep it up!"

One band goal is to tour Indian Country and meet and entertain as many tribes and Nations as possible. But he will play anywhere the fans want him. Including some of the old Native Thunder classics. NT really brings the songs to life with his Perry/Cronin/Bryan Adams, like vocals and he edits the songs the way he see fits.

Jason Snell, Lead Vocals, Guitars come from a long line of musicians in his family. He first picked the guitar at age 13, and has'nt put it down yet! Jason began writing his own music at age 19. Had lyrics of his own songs published in poetry collections, and also a member of the Cherokee Nation Tribe. His vocal style is unique, a cross between Kevin Cronin, Steve Perry, and Bryan Adams. His guitar style is similar to that of Eddie Van Halen, Neal Schon, Richie Sombora, etc,.

Timmy Kingfisher on drums and vocals, and Rodney Buckhorn on bass and vocals. Timmy is also a acomplished flute maker and flute player, Rodney is a monster bassist and guitarist as well.

Their live sound is full of energy, as Reggie George of the Yakama Nation calls Native Thunder "The Native Van Halen of Indian Country," you get the idea. A Lot of dynamic guitar work, pumping, bass lines, tight rhythms, and strong vocals add up to make a "must see" live show for all fans in Indian Country.

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Jason's newest songs can be heard at
Your influences?
I listened to alot of 80's guitar hero's like Ritchie Sambora, Joe Satriani, and of course my main influence in rock guitar, Mr. Edward Van Halen himself.

Vocally I would have to list Kevin Cronin, Steve Perry, Steve Augeri, Don Henley, Bryan Adams, etc..way to many really to list.

But my roots are in gospel music, thats where I started out as a musician, and still enjoy performing, in fact I recently got the old group together and we've been pretty busy with the gospel music circut, so who knows, may be a project in the future with that as well, we'll see what happens.
Favorite spot?
Santa Ana Star Casino, cause thats the place I actually got to meet some other Native American Artists.
Equipment used:
Jason Snell uses: squire strats, MM1-OLP guitars with a Seymour Duncan Detonator in the bridge. Crate amplification, line6 guitar amps, Digitech effects, boss compressor sustainer, MXR Dyna Comp compressors, and Nady wireless systems.
Anything else...?
More songs can be heard at the official website link, enjoy! ;)
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