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Wacky big beats combined with chip tune influences... have a listen!
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New website! http://waverider.bandcamp.com/
Please follow my new releases at this new website!

WaveRider proposes a blend of Breakbeat, Downtempo and Dub genres, with old-school electronica and psychedelic references...

My music is eclectic and I like surfing genres. The main aspect of my music is a cross-over appeal for electronic music lovers and to those who comes from other genres than electronica as well. Perhaps it is due to an attention to following the groove even when using very simple elements. Most of it comes thru live improvisation. I also like minimalism. :)

WaveRider is a research project where I try all sorts of things... this allows me to mix genres and influences without trying to stay focused in a niche. I hope you will appreciate some of those experiments.

Why this name?
WaveRider rides soundwaves...
Do you play live?

Past Events:

WaveRider live april 26th 2007 @ SAT, MontrealWaveRider Live Sept. 26 2007, Lola Lounge

Band History:
I started WaveRider in march 2004 as a computer based, internet promoted solo project.

I am finished working on a demo CD in three episodes called "Countdown: 3, 2, 1". The best content of all the 3 CDs from "Countdown: 3,2,1" will be put together eventually for WaveRider's first official CD release.

I finished this 3 CD demo of work-in-progress titles in March 2007... I made a PROMO cd out of these tracks that gets some airplay on a nationally broadcasted fm radio show once in a while. I have been mostly quiet since then but I am building a live show again in 2009....

Your influences?
Music Genres: Breakbeat, Acid, Experimental, DnB,Ambient and Tribal
Artists: The Orb, Talvin Singh, Brian Eno, the 80's, Cabaret Voltaire, "industrial music" like Test Department, Neubauten... ..old-school electronica, the TR-808 and analog synths....
Favorite spot?
Mountain bike trails
Equipment used:
All virtual pc studio.
From The Lab CD Cover
A Far Away World Cover