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play hi-fi  Without You...unfinished
play hi-fi  Without 'Em
play hi-fi  She Cant Sleep
play hi-fi  This is me now
play hi-fi  Do You Have What It Takes-Iron,Zion,HardTarget
play hi-fi  Still Born
play hi-fi  You, I, Us - Literati feat. Iron
play hi-fi  No Rest for the Wicked - Zeyeon feat. Iron
play hi-fi  Album Track 16 - We Grow
play hi-fi  Album Track 20 - 'till Everything Fades
Leon Literati and I began making music together back in 2001. For a period of 2 years, we were known as The Land Minz, and produced compilations under that alias while simultaneously working on solo projects of mine. This page is a collection of all of many of my songs from my humble beginnings when I was rapping into speakers just to rap, up to my current day work which was recorded through more sophisticated means. So thanks for visiting and listneing, and enjoy the work that I've enjoyed making...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
"A Mill Would Be Ill" - Sage Francis
Your influences?
Classic Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop: WU, 3-6, Sage, Slug, JMT, Aesop, Esoteric, Mr. Lif, Third Bass, Black Sheep and every other artist i've ever listened to...
Favorite spot?
Hawaii, Bulgaria, Vietnam
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