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The Curiously Strong Peppermints
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play hi-fi  Our Princess is in Another Castle
play hi-fi  Transcendentalism is Like Wow!
play hi-fi  Oh Me Oh My
play hi-fi  Never Call
play hi-fi  Bike, Ladder, Pills, Car Wreck
play hi-fi  George Bush
play hi-fi  Flannery O'Connor
play hi-fi  Colorwheel
play hi-fi  Multiples of Two
play hi-fi  Babycakes
once upon a time jesse was stuck in a 4-track recorder with words and melodies in his head. ben and stephan rescued him with a drumkit and piano, and all three fended off rabid dustbunnies with guitars, glockenspiels, kids toys and air organs. their great escape sounded like the sonic bliss demo.

the townspeople loved the sound of their triumph and cheered for their homecoming. then the king charged them with a new quest... to slay the purple dragon of effazima. stephan retired from the band of travelers to become a lightbulb farmer with his two wives and twelve children. eric the barbarian replaced him wielding drums of power, and the three were joined by the red magician scott.

the party of four fought the dragon for 2 years... jesse was lost in the dungeons for 3 more years... finially the weary band of travelers emerge victorious with the dragon's treasure for all the townspeople to listen to... the endless fields of poppy lp.

jesse, ben, scott and eric... the curiously strong peppermints... proudly show you their treasure. come, let your ears celebrate the victory...
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