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The Metry Dukes
NEWS   this is here for frank assunto jr. 1955-2007
the metry dukes - 'beat girl'
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this is rated 'R' for ridiculous. a bevy of beauties, strippin', dancin' and battlin'... just remember, no girls were actually beat in the making.
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this is the half-true story of a new orleans pop rock combo of the late '70s and early '80's. of course, that means stuff by the dukes, the pseudo dukes, the monsters in transition, and anything else that fits . . .
Why this name?
coz someone stole our daddie's name . . .
Do you play live?
the dukes opened for many headline acts of their era; the ramones, talking heads and robert gordon are a few, and the band played a near non-stop schedule of clubs from texas to florida to the delight, (and dismay, i suppose), of many thousands of faces!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
if it were around when the band was, the net would have given them more of a chance to be heard.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
i think we're past all that . . . yep, we are.
Band History:
4 or five guys looking for liquor, love and laughs. . . then writing songs about it. thrown together in new orleans by hook and by crook, to play a moody, manic, almost moist music. They have a rhythm that smolders like a landfill fire, with words askew and music merry. Playing high and low, using whatever is left over from the night before, they tear into their sounds, (which are somewhat found), with an emotional ferocity few have mastered! Come see for yourself, that witty and charming band about town. . .

michael j assunto - lead vox, guitars, songwriter

frank assunto jr - guitars, songwriter, vocals

a.g. parr - vocals, songwriter, sound and manipulation

arthur brands - bass, vocals, transportation

james (bubba) clemet - up right pianny

peter marquez - north drums, amusement and shoes

Your influences?
the beatles, the marx brothers, XTC, robert zimmerman, raymond chandler, pink floyd, robert johnson, looney toons, the coen brothers, new orleans r & b, robert a. heinlein, brian wilson, the rat pack, dasheill hammett, kubrick, NIN, trad jazz, elvis c. and elvis p. (before the army), todd rundgren, buster keaton, radiohead, THE firesign theatre, hendrix, hitchcock, ludwig van and wolfgang amadeus, film noir, the kinks, zappa, the clash, the bonzo dog doo-dah band, miles davis, spoon, sci-fi...
Favorite spot?
new orleans, yeah!
Equipment used:
all our stuff was obtained thru soundcheck in new orleans, stolen twice, replaced and god knows what happened after that.
Anything else...?
yeah, if ya like this go check out the the wreckreators and visit the closest thing to metry, without going to metry at the wreckroom.
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