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play hi-fi Lit Sum Mo (Rae Sremmurd Type)
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Open the Damn Door **FREE DL**
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Do it...Open the Door. Let the fans flock. Southern story-telling instrumental
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*HOT* Balance (5 beats x $20)
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Mp3- (5 beats for $20) Wav/Trackouts (5 beats for $50) - Official website | snapchat : paulcabbinbeats
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play hi-fi  Tell Me Why
play hi-fi  Kiss Ya Scars
play hi-fi  Tell Me Remix
play hi-fi  ONLY 1 4 ME
play hi-fi  Tonite
play hi-fi  I DONT WANNA KNOW
LadyMontana AKA Lil Wonder Woman((Ms Lynda Carter)) str8 out of the BX spittin bars about life and love bout guns and drugs bout drinks and clubs....u kno

AND I LOVE BEING PUERTO RICAN!...Hence the Name for the MixTape Boricua Barbie
Why this name?
The Name LadyMontana comes from my first name being Toni and also because at times im very sweet but i can get buck wild in an instant...thanks to Lito for the name!
Do you play live?
Yes I ahve done a few shows with STreetCorna this past summer Plan to do more this Fall/Winter
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
i think it does both good and bad for artists
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
sounds like a plan
Your influences?
Angie Maritnez is my overall rolemodel, music a lot of pple but mainly Remy Ma Cuban Link last but not least BIG PUN
Favorite spot?
Anything else...?
I hope you enjoy the site when its done! Special Shouts to Quad-A, Lady Animals, StreetCorna, StreetGenerals,StreetFare((damn u street pple!)) PIRATE RECORDINGS((for simply being my big brothers)) Smile4Lyfe ENT. Diamond Sounds DeckofCards ENT. DJ Locorious ((Ballin Outta Control!)) SokeSleezey ((I C U)) 2 any1 I didnt mention its juss a matter of time
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