NEWS   we just uploaded our song "BITTERSWEET", a techno freak genre. enjoy!
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Well there's no special Intro at all...just a simple Welcome! will do! hey we're saturn17!
mankind is now exploring our ring!

Why this name?
its a long story bout a girl who actually knew how to play guitar and eventually she wanted me to teach her. u know who u are!? to shorten up all the journey..."saturn" stands for saturday cuz it is the day that this "girl", actually pretend to be a dumb guitarist with a stupid heart. "17" well cuz it was january 17, i just added up the number, and then i've made my 1st original song called saturn17. from then on we just absorbed the title of the song...which we are confused what to call ourselves..haha. oji the drummer wants a new name. i wanted it to be that way.
Do you play live?
yes a lot of times and we're not even paid! just for exposure's sake. but last year was a BOOM! we received checks...(lotsa money!)...little cash, and gift checks... we usually played @ in pasig every Monday night, thanks to "bobby" and "sheng" my officemate. but the production stopped the gig, due to irresponsible, alcohol drinkers. Sometimes in Freedom bar, also a production...thanks to Oji's officemate. Then we got our 1st fully paid GIG, because our original song "IKOT" was picked by the board of judges (Thanks to Cardinal Sin)! The event is called "Banding sa Riverbanks", held at Marikina Riverbanks. A lot of celebrities were there, including us (haha!). After that, we had our gig with Rivermaya, located at the other side of the river.(hehe!) saya! (but not the same night). Thanks pla kay Sharon, because she was the way to find these gigs! salamat din sa FEU campus, cuz i saw their ADS in the Bulletin Board.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yes if there's a chance...i would like go back to the Phils.
Band History:
The guys started out in 1998 with Ezer and Oji with two other members. Elmer "Kwets" came only a year after when the other two of the original members left the band. Although each of the trio came from different influences, the Beatles has always been the primary foundation of s17 especially when it comes to songwriting. Beatles wannabe's as they (shamelessly) confess they are, the band never intended nor even had plans of being the next Beatles. "We love the guys man, yeah! We'd even trade our drummer's ass to the Abu Sayyaf just to have the next ticket to the UK and lick McCartney's foot!" -Ezer the lead vocal blurted out. "And we're not like them" Oji the drummer said. Seriously, in my perspective, every band needs some sort of role model. Someone to look-up to. Cuz that drives you eh, that makes to work your butt off. Parang, puta kahit na maubos na daliri ko makuha ko lang ung lecheng galing na solo ni Harrison". "Pero sympre as artists you're nothing but a freak in sucking someones turd if you don't make a sound of your own. Eto na nga, Beatle influenced na kami, it even shows na nga in our songs, hindi pa kami magsisiskap na maging iba kahit papaano?" "that's stinks like Payatas man! even worse! - Elmer the lead guitarist elaborated.
After 2 years they decided to form a Quad! well its a wake up call! cuz the trio and a gal doesn't work anymore. so Ezer decided to include Jangs in the group, the man has the talent dude!. he was very excited the first tym we do the rehearsal, he also got very nervous too, oji might fire him instantly. (hehe)... the team is OK! the quad has the ability to perform again and back on its feet...but the story doesn't end perfectly as they wanted...they record the 2nd track (Oji's song called "Really") , but time is running out...cuz Ezer got his VISA and a flight to Toronto by April, frustrated as it can be, the band hopes for a SECOND COMING.
Your influences?
the Beatles, Incubus, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Pinoy bands like: Eheads, Rivermaya, Sandwich...etc.
Favorite spot?
Rehearsal room.
Equipment used:
gahetos! Kwets is planning his first gaheto imbento! but still in progress after i (ezer) left the pinas.
Anything else...?
Last quote from OJI:
"The Filipino Musician aren't they sick! but whatever you say, what the heck! it's the Filipino waY! The world is sick anyway!
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