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play hi-fi  04. kind&n33bz
play hi-fi  03. phatalmovinup
play hi-fi  02. Planned It
play hi-fi  02. H8TRiD - From The Dirt Up
play hi-fi  03. REG - Betty
play hi-fi  05. PeR-VeRSe - Back Again
play hi-fi  06. DKB/H8TRiD - Gettin' Robbed
play hi-fi  07. D-RaNGD - Your Last
play hi-fi  08. KiND/H8TRiD - 4 Mom
play hi-fi  09. Phatal/Cheevo - Show Us

Why this name?
Cuz we don't run wit the mainstream.
Do you play live?
Hellz Yeh.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Distribution Lable
Your influences?
The Underground or anyone who brought it original
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