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Arno Camel (properly speaking, “Cammell”, although most people pronounce his surname as if he was a humped dromedary) was born in Lima, Peru, in 1979. When he was three the Camels (or Cammells) moved to Britain, settling first in London (Battersea) and then, in 1985, in Dorchester, Dorset. Consequently, Arno Camel (or Cammell) has grown up a Dorset man with, as he says, the “tangy sapidity of the [River] Piddle coursing through my arteries.” At the age of fourteen he decided, setting his face against wiser counsel, that he wanted to be a composer.

Today, Arno Camel (or Cammell) lives in Southampton in the neighbouring county of Hampshire.


The following (“Cu…Cream puffs all”, according to Camel, “vile sock-sniffers”) are among some of the many record companies to have passed up the opportunity to add this singular pop composer to their books:

Beggars Banquet
Go Beat
Rough Trade


OASIS – “More ink has been expended on this troupe of beery non-entities than the quality of the music has ever merited… unmemorable Beatles B-sides played by a Stones Roses tribute band in thrall to lager…”

THE PRODIGY – “…faux Metal electro-punksters singularly lacking in vision… Liam Howlett is an ideas-free zone.”

UNDERWORLD – “No one could accuse these sausage-benders of pushing the boat out… Lazy, indifferent, by-numbers music-makers…”

CHEMICAL BROTHERS – “…purveyors of formulaic techno-beat music for trendy hair salons posing as radical genre-breakers…”

APHEX TWIN – “[The album] Drucqs… the doodlings of a narcoleptic… barren, sterile music bereft of any zeal… a thundering bore…”RICHARD ASHCROFT - "A composer of songs of crushing stupidity"

RADIOHEAD – “They’re not that experimental and they’re not ground-breaking,… more often than not, purposefully, perversely dull…”


Arno Camel, generous (if vituperative) soul that he is, has deigned to make freely available to the commonality – that’s you and Roger the Librarian of Piddletrenthide* – a selection of his music.

All of it is “early” Camel dating from the years 2000-2001. None of it is, in the composer’s view, “classic” Camel, representative of the way he composes today. Nonetheless, these early chippings from the master’s workbench are far from negligible. Indeed, they tip into a cocked hat the moribund efforts of many of today’s “pop radicals”.

*Piddletrenthide Piddletrenthide is a village in the heart of Dorset, England - a place of magic and enchantment, where wonder is the everyday and the light of hope never fades. The revolution starts… somewhere else. Bridport, say