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Big Dan is originally from San Antonio Texas but chose to move to Oklahoma due to some trouble that he had encountered back home. He has a website which has an extensive bio. that explains why he had to move.
Why this name?
Friends back home in San Antonio Texas called Dan "Big" because of his popularity with the dope fiends and neighborhood drug dealers. When he decided to rap for Christ, he then started calling himself Big Dan.
Do you play live?
Big Dan is known in the Midwest City and Oklahoma City areas as well as in his home town of San Antonio. He loves serving the Lord and is open to minister where ever the Lord leads him.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think that the internet is a good way to spread the Gospel. I want everyone who hears my music to be able to also hear the message that they carry. I don't care if people get it for free or not. I just want the message to get across.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Only if they gave me full control of what I do with my music. I don't believe that anyone should miss out on a blessing from God just 'cause they don't have the money.
Band History:
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Your influences?
I have too many to list and not enough room. I think you can hear the influence in my music. I create all of my own beats.
Favorite spot?
San Antonio Texas. My city. Love Ya ! ! !
Equipment used:
I use the Roland MC-505 Groovebox to make my beats and the Roland VS-1824 Digital mixer to record my music. It's done all at home, Glory to God.
Anything else...?
God bless everyone and especially those who support my music. I only hope to get better in what I believe the Lord has led me to do. Preach through "Rap".
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