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Tribal and ambient influenced Trance/House-act from Sweden. Also the home for Bioflow & Kevin Rust.
Band History:
What started out a little hobby has turned into a serious musicproject. In my early days I simple played around with sounds and beats in sample-based programs. I learn a lot how to build the musical structure from those programs. But after a while I grew tired of just playing around with samples. I wanted to get a own unique sound. I talked with a guy named Jesper Samuelsson aka "Samuelzone" (who by the way is quite famous) about Fruityloops. I listened to some of his songs and liked the sound, so I tried it out. With a lot of practice and patience I slowly learned to use FL. In the beginning my sound could be described like "dance-vs-hardtrance-with-alot-of-reverb". In some time my sound developed into a more trance-like sound. I produced remixes of old trance and dance tracks, for example Equador, Das Boot and L'Ezperansa. But I couldn't come up with any melodies of my own. So I listed a lot to my fellow musicians and tried to create a style that fitted my simple melodies. That's how my current sound was born.
Your influences?
I take inspiration from almost everything that happpens in my life.
All that I see, hear, smell, taste or feel.
I try to mix different musical styles and create a original and, in some ways, wierd styles.
My productions is often quite mellow and emotional with a touch of tribal.
Favorite spot?
Where I am in this particular moment.
Equipment used:
Right now I'm working on upgrading my "studio". I'm going to buy a new computer so I can handle all the VSTs and plugins I use. I'm also upgrading my software to Fruity Studio 5.

P4 1,5GHz
256 MB RAM
HHD 1: 30 Gb
HHD 2: 80 Gb
Soundcard: SB Audigy Player
Software: Fruity Studio 4
Headphones: Philips HP910
Keyboard: GEM PX3-II (For simple melodystructuring)
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