NEWS   Pree, is currently appearing in the Double Grammy, Oscar Award Winning Film Featuring The Motown Funk Brothers called"Standinf In The Shadows Of Motown" check out the Movie and her Current CD release entitled, A Style Of My Own, by PREE on new indie label MyTown Records Detroit, MI. Reviewed in 'Detroit Cultral Connection', official Arts Magazine of Detroit City, stated, PREE is local up and coming artist with a gorgeous CD. Reviewed in 'Michigan Chronical' as unique and distinctive product. Currently rated #2 Top Selling CD by Record Corner Store in U.K. Reviewed in 'In The Basement Magazine' and "Soulin Magazine' both published in U.K. as potential #1 hit contender. PREE is the cover artist on the premire issue of new Detroit ' Afro American Travel Guide Magazine'. Full page cover story and CD review included. CD rated 4 star by editorial and music review staffs. Coming reviews scheduled for end of May in Detroit 'Spotlight Entertainment Magazine' and ' Soul Express Magazine' published in Finland. 'A Style Of My Own is available in numerous local indie music retail stores such as Kendricks Music, Trade Winds Video on Livernois Ave in Detroit , Nature's Pharmacy on McNichols in Detroit, Desireable Disc in Dearborn, Record Time, Dearborn Music, Disc Jockey Stores in Grand Traverse Mall, Traverse City, MI and the Harmony House chain stores. 2006 Pree, is currently a working member of the HOT vocal group "The Different Shades Of Brown" Pree bring a world of talent and experience to this newly formed 4 Guys and a Girl group. If you stop by their website you can preview their new CD "Have A Heart" Enjoy............
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PREE is a native of Los Angeles, CA and spent all of her life there until she moved to Detroit, MI. She is of Native American, Afro American, German Jew and French decent. She is part of a musical immediate and extended family. She was part of the critically aclaimed recording group, 'The Pree Sisters' who recorded for Capital Records and had a regional hit in the late 80's. Her father was a local Los Angeles big band vocalist. She is related to Nikki Gibert lead singer and co-producer of Brownstone fame. PREE is a seasoned singer with an impressive 4 1/2 octave range and sings most of the arranged background vocals on her current CD release. She is also sometimes accompanied by Caroline Crawford on backing voices. She is a published songwriter, commercial overdud vocalist, accomplished vocal arranger and instructor, runway model , and world class live stage entertainer. She traveled and preformed all over the world as a newer member of Martha Reeves and The Vandellas. PREE is now offering her own style of soul with her new release, 'A Style Of My Own' . PREE is also actively involved with her new label as the graphics designer for new releases and indie production projects. She is the president of her own company Blue Feather Graphics with specialties in personalized designer CD labels, CD tray inserts and jcards, company logo designs and desktop publishing.
Why this name?
PREE is my family surname. I chose to use it to honor them and everyone that knows me calls me Pree. I thought it was different enough to use as my professional stage name. I don't think I'll be confused with anyone else out here.
Do you play live?
I perform live every chance I get. I've performed at the MGM Casino in the Brown Derby most recently where several audience members placed hundred dollar chips on the piano as tips. I thought that was special. At my 2005 New Years Eve show, the bartenders (fellas) got so into the show, that they did a striptease ( all in fun) on top of the bar. That was very special and by the way yes, I love to perform live it gives me a chance to get up close and personal with my audience.. I love working with other bands and groups. I'm currently having the pleasure of working with people like the Legendary "Spyder Turner" The Funk Brothers , Booby Taylor Of the Vancouvers , The Different Shades of Brown and Motowns finest background group"The Andantes" who I will share the stage with in England in October 2006.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
By all means and it forever changing for the independent artsit like myself. It has allowed us the freedom to be who we are.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No, I don't think so....I've got a great independent label that I've been with for quite a while. They treat me with respect and pay my royalties on time....LOL It would have to be a deal I could'nt refuse to leave MyTown Records.
Band History:
I recently became the 5 member of "The Different Shades Of Brown" who are truly 4 of the most talented singers I've ever worked with. They have such an unbelievable story and industry background. They started out with Motown back in the day and have returned to share their talents once more with a new CD which I am a honored to be part of. Stop by and read their story.
Your influences?
My influences are a little jazzy like Billy Holiday, a little pop from Brenda (Piano In The Dark) Russell, of course the Motown sound is in there, some sweet soul harmonies like Brownstone, sexy r&b like Toni Braxton, and pop/hip hop flavor like TLC and unique creativity like Marvin Gaye.
Favorite spot?
I haven't seen all of the earth yet, but I do think the north shore of Oahu Island is the closest to Heaven so far. Love it!
Equipment used:
I like and use a AKG multi band cordless mic for live situations, the freedom of movement is important to me, so that I can get with the audience when its good . In the studio I use a Neuman U47 for vocals, Trident Console, MCI 24 track analogue recorder and lots of Behringer and Aphex outboard gear. I like the warmth of analogue as opposed to other sources. My new CD
which I recently entitled "A Little Bit Of This And That" is a combination of analog and Pro-tools.
Anything else...?
When I'm working on a new project, especially studio work, I like to record with real live musicians. The sound is much warmer and sincere than sampling. Plus I like that personal influence that comes from my friends and players when they get into the music. The proof is in the listening. If you have any doubt about recording live, just continue on and play my songs on this site. Sawtah! pronounced 'saw-tah' (Cherokee for -Be Happy)
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