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hey yo yo,wud up,ill sh*** man,listen u said yous takin songs for a tape,yo go on my page,the song is face down in the ground,u aint feelin it,i apologize for it,if u is feelin it,gimme a holla on the tape info,when its droppin and sh*** like that.peace

--R M N S
Aight, here's my drop on that competition beat:

enjoy. and keep up the good work
what up e, i'm friends wit rabbit just to let you know, if you're interested in a track hit me up, i'm setting up a new studio wit a new mic and stuff so we could get on a track if you like.

hit me back


ONE MORE DAY BABY....this mixtape is gonna be off the chain
DAAAmn i love ready for war i alredy downloaded its hot as f***, you got a nice mic prescence, what mic you use to record and what program cause your quality is outstanding
damn u got sick delivery, propz man...
Yo mehn i aint jokin, i really did peep ur

music unlike half these wak mcz on

your board, I thought like all of us theres

room to improve but I definetly see

potential, maybe we can get down on a

collabo im tired of mcs like us gettin

slept on.. soundclick is filled with

horrible production and horrible mcz ,

download my new banger "LIFE IS

HOOD" and let me know what

you think of it, i think its way better then

most of these cats out here .. respect

and love, keep hip hop alive baby!
I'm jus' check out all my favorite homies up on SC n' everyone on my message board to let them know I posted two new kutz, so come holla at the kid, I always return the favor, much love and respect..
Yo, we've been out for a little due to some advanced operative training.

We are back again and with a new song called "Rise Above"

Make sure you also check out our SUMMER SMASH HIT SINGLE "Come On Over"

Make sure you get back to me with feedback and the titles of which songs you want reviewed.

Thanks, Peace!
What's up Ya'll. I checked your site and I want to say respect to anyone and everyone who is doing their thing.
Good work.

Check out our newest smash hits including "Never Again" and "Soldier's Anthem"


Please leave feedback and let us know what you think...

Then, let me know if there are any track you would like reviewed.

Thank you!

-The H.O.C. team
yo feelin ya style come check me out one.
Thanks homie, it's Invasion Productions, NI is a branch off it
yea hot sh*** yo hot sh***....but i thought it was NI now.....
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