Ghosts Of The Dial
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Rain (Bryson Tiller Don't Type)
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play hi-fi  Marble Eater
play hi-fi  Prophecy From The Black Lodge
play hi-fi  Long wave at an AM Funeral
play hi-fi  607 radio ghosts (Excerpt)
play hi-fi  103
play hi-fi  Ghosts Of The Band
play hi-fi  amscray
play hi-fi  Lost Souls Of FM
play hi-fi  Sinelink
play hi-fi  Empty Bands
Ghosts Of The Dial is a collaboration between several independent artists. The project involves the use of sounds generated by radio. Care has been taken to avoid copyright infringement.

Our philosophy: We as indies are ignored by mainstream radio. We therefore will treat radio itself as an anonymous source.

All of our songs involve at least one sound generated by radio.