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Howie Fritz
Howie Fritz
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Howie Fritz (g/v): Howie is one of the most amazing blues guitar players I have ever played with...he used to play on campus in Howie and the 1994, The Rain consisted of Andrew Scott and Erik Greb and I would fill in...At an annual Springfest-type festival at Drew in 1994, Howie was billed right after The Remnants, so Erik, Andrew and I stayed on stage after our set and jammed with Howie. At one point, Howie popped a string, and his guitar went immediately out of tune. So, he picked up his other guitar, and popped a string on that one, too. Then, he used Erik’s backup and, low and behold, another string popped!!! So, Howie kicked on all of his effects pedals, making his guitar sound very very strange and began to wail away at these big, long, pulled notes that sounded like they were coming out of another galaxy. I almost stopped playing and remembered staring and thinking to myself “this is what it must have been like for Noel Redding to be playing along with Jimi Hendrix!” I think I may have found him on the web here, but I’m not sure….

"Take it or leave it" Howie and I sat down on a couch in the band room one night and did this song one take. It was great. Howie is such a gifted musician . He started to play and I followed with the bass .We were in the same mind set that nite...for sure. Have recorded a few more songs with Howie and they all seem to have thier own sound and the more you listen the more they grow on you. I can tell you one thing Howie brings out the best in me when I play bass with him. Play music with him once and you are hooked forever. it's always cool!

Bassman 76

Why this name?
Many players. Many years. It is all a work in progress. No frills. Must play to be in touch with the universe!!
Do you play live?
Selective Venues: Shows usually in the Philadelphia area. Several times per year. Special moments always occur when you least expect it. HAve had the most exstatic musical experiences playing with King Combo. No structure. All raw emotion. Repeated musical catharsis'.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I am able to get a few people to listen each day. Ideas can be posted in raw form. I put stuff out there...If I were to wait for "perfect" I would put nothing out. In all my pieces you can hear the mistakes and working out ideas. They are almost always first takes. Otherwise I would never finish anything. I don't claim anything about or for what I create. I do it because I have to. Otherwise I would be incomplete. The internet allows me to hear others who are also "in process" of creating. That is what I love to listen to and know about musicians. Especially the great ones. What was it like to have the idea emerge...right from the brain and heart the very first time.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
46 years playing guitar. Many bands. These recordings are of me and a drummer or me and the DR5.
Your influences?
Hendrix. Johnny Winter. Gregorian Chants. Irish Folk Music. Bob Dylan.
Favorite spot?
I have always dreamed of the sea.
Equipment used:
DR-5. Mesa Boogie. Les Paul Standard. Fender Strat. Allen Woody Bass. Guild Acoustic. Small Rogue amp. Zoom 505. Marshall (someone left it with me for safe-keeping. Roland 840. Tascam 244. My daughter's Casio keyboard.
Anything else...?
Thanx ANYONE who listens.
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