Cold Heart / Meek Mill Type Beat
Hip Hop
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Lupus punk rock
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play hi-fi  Doug Drealer
play hi-fi  Bombs and Stuff
play hi-fi  Do you wanna f*** or not?
play hi-fi  America loves war
play hi-fi  Army of nOne
play hi-fi  Zamboni Scraps
the band is LUPUS we are from surrey b.c.
we are serious about not being serious
some people take things too serious
like when you steal a cops gun
its better to hear music
and read the lyrics
the storys

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only for 10 million, and if you wanna help, buy our album at http://cdn.scratchrecords.com/moreinfo.cfm?Product_ID=42869
Anything else...?
our video is now completed check it out or be a loser emo kid....
http://elvis.beefytreats.net/files/ZamboniScraps.wmv .....or just click the website sticker in the bottem right corner
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