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Robby James Rabuck
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play hi-fi  Move Along
play hi-fi  Care
play hi-fi  500 Miles
play hi-fi  Lonliness and Alcohol
play hi-fi  How You Doin?
play hi-fi  The Goodbye Song
play hi-fi  Redeye Express
play hi-fi  Kentucky Blues
play hi-fi  High_Time
play hi-fi  Swamp Dog
Solo Blues/Rock Guitarist Songwriter ... Bricklayer.
Why this name?
It's my name.
Do you play live?
I record in the relative safety of my home studio. I just enjoy doing my music when I want the way I want to.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think the internet has done a lot for the indie artists who might not have many other outlets for their work. I know it has allowed me to experiment and grow musically with a lot of exposure to music fans and other musicians to learn from and collaborate with
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No. Obscurity rules!
Band History:
Short version...Once a would be rock star, now a guy with a guitar and a computer.
Your influences?
I like all kinds of music...well not all kinds...but most kinds.

I lean towards loudish guitar blues/rock (or just rock) but also love to play acoustic.

Band influences (old and new) Ted Nugent, 311, Led Zeppelin, Sublime, Rush, Stevie Ray Vaughan
Favorite spot?
Wherever my sweetie Karen is.
Equipment used:
Gibson Blues Hawk, Epiphone Les Paul Special. Yamaha Bass, Fender Dobro, Takamine Acoustic, MXL990 Mic, Digitech RP100 pedal, ZOOM 9000, Crybaby Wah, Phonics mini mixer, Shure Microphones, Hercules Boom mic stand... some patch cables, 9 volt batteries... etc...