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play hi-fi  Costs To Be A Boss
play hi-fi  Rap Carnivours - Ethix, J-Ache$, SubZtantial
play hi-fi  This Is Me - Ethix
play hi-fi  Murder Is The Name - Ethix, J Ache$
play hi-fi  Got It On Lock - Ethix, J-Ache$
play hi-fi  We Movin' - Ethix Ft Rocky
play hi-fi  Feet On The Ground - Ethix, David Hodges, Hemisphe
play hi-fi  Ice Cold - Ethix, Syntax, Kidd
play hi-fi  OK - Ethix & Dose
play hi-fi  Brain Damage - Ethix, Yuk, J Aches, Hemisphere

Wuddup, this is ya boy Ethix, im holdin it down for Steel City(Hamilton). Im a hiphop fiend, i record & write as much as I can. If you like my joints thats straight, if not, do you.

Why this name?

I was thinking of some sick names in my head and scientific names things of that nature, i thought of Ethix, and thought it sounded ill.

Do you play live?

Clubs, Parties.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

I think it gives no name artist's a chance to get a name, to be noticed by labels and producers, it also gives artist's a chance to listen to the different variations of styles by others

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Mos' Definatly

Band History:


Your influences?
Jadakiss, 2-Pac, fabulous, and many more.
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
CoolEdit 2.0
GlobalAudio GXL2200 Condensor Microphone
EuroRack MX 602A Studio Mixer
Behringer Compressor Composer Pro XL
Raw Skill
Anything else...?
Shout out to my boys:
J-Ache$, Cleva, Rocky, Jigz Crillz, and all my boys i didnt mention.
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