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AGENDA The Rock Band is a side project by Montreal singersongwriter Todd Andrew Pronovost that ran from 2004 to 2010 until Samsara was pulled out of Hiatus. Songs are available if you follow the links

SAMSARA is releasing a 7 song EP at the end of Summer 2017 produced by Kevin Jardine.

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AGENDA The Rock Band from Montreal

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SAMSARA from Montreal
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S.O.A.P. from Montreal

A.gen.da : or Things to be done. The plural of agendum.
AGENDA The Rock Band is an Indie / Alternative Rock Band from Montreal that combines strong personnal and politically engaged lyrics with powerful infectious melodies. AGENDA strives to create fresh original music. And desire to attain unpredictability. Check out our Cool trumpets and violins and our raging Valvetone Custom tube amps. Could be categorized as Stoner Rock.

Why this name?
A.gen.da : or Things to be done. The plural of agendum. Simply says it all. Also files under the letter A.
Do you play live?
Last live concert was in December 2004 at L'Omnium du Rock au Petit Campus du Café Campus.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Internet...Thank you for giving us indies a spot to shine our star.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
We would like to sign a contract with a major label but not at any price. Freedom of artistic expression and production would be required.
Band History:
In the begining of May 2004, AGENDA was formed in a apt/studio of the plateau Mont-Royal in the heart of Montréal. Todd and Mee-Shka have known each other since 1997. They would both gravitate around good ol' buddy Goose's pad on St.Laurent Blvd. From throwing around ideas, and philosphizing while enjoying tea, Mike and Todd decided to get a project going.
AGENDA The Rock Band was born.

AGENDA sees the light with over 60 songs waiting to be put together. Todd has written these songs over the past forteen years while travelling through Canada and while working at the most unlikely jobs. Todd has busked across Canada from Victoria to Montreal. The Montreal Metro (subway) is a great place for voice training and not a great place to make money, but when you get busy people to stop and momentarily forget where they are going, just to to listen, then you know you got something good going.

Todd playing "Scraping Crumbs" at Café Campus, Montreal, Dec 1st 2004

In '97, Todd was lead singer of a band called SAMSARA, performing some songs that he still sings today. What a great apprenticeship. People are still talking about the energy that night at the now defunct Jailhouse Rock Cafe, opening up the evening for Pat Gauthier's RAID and Toronto's GUTSHOT.

Back in '89, Mee-Shka was the drummer for a local Thrash Metal band called REACTOR. A lot of drumming later, his last band being B-9, he brings along that experience to acomplish this agenda.

Versatile Bassman Goose brings along musicianship and versatility to this AGENDA.

March 2005, ...AGENDA recorded and Auto-Produced their first mini- mp3 album with the help of Grant “Goose” Cormack’s technical Saavy and Dave Galea’s great Valvetone Tube Amps and Hybrid Guitars. Three tracks are available. Get ready to hear “Don’t Wish To Hell”, “Maude”, “A New Song”, "A Reason For Everything" and "Imaginary Flowers"

March 2007 - AGENDA The Rock Band is on hiatus due to the arrival of Todd`s son and personal engagements with Mojo Temple and Samsara Montreal

Your influences?
New Model army, Billy Bragg, Sebadoh, Bauhaus, Camper Van Beethoven, Monster Magnet, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, Kiss, Jethro Tull, Iron Butterfly, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Heavy Metal, Funk.
Favorite spot?
Where we stand.
Equipment used:
Valvetone Tube Amps, Fender electric guitars, and Seagull acoustic guitar, sampling and keyboards, bass, drums, Violin, Trumpet
Anything else...?

Don't Wish To Hell

Cop Chase
Hey - Frank Zappa 70s cool. This song made me want to light up a fattie and put black light posters up in my living room. The vocal is hysterical and matches the instrumention perfectly. The arrangement is hilarious and the blending of the trumpets and wah is especially effective. This is one of the better songs I've heard on garageband, because the singer obviously doesn't give a crap about sounding like anybody else and is just doing his own thing. Tight and interesting. Good job.
Reviewed by: maxedwards from Porter Ranch, California
Original A+
Very interesting mix of music... i like the bulding on the original bass riff. The vocals are not my thing but fit the song very well (can't imagine what else could replace it). The song is very RHCP "suck my kiss" gone rock/ska. Keep up the good work

Reviewed by: deadlight from Decatur, Illinois

Unexpected, really
Back in the college days, I would have loved the hell out of this band. Sadly, I'm 34 now and way past hip so I'm not sure that I can be fair to this band. I do have to say that the horns were kick ass.
Extra Credit: Programming, Originality.

- misspetula
Sacramento, California.
January 13th, 2005

Maude (T'est Toute Mélé)

awesome strings. awesome production. i dig the vocals. this is really great. awesome percussion, groovy groovy goodness . A+++

Reviewed by: thekidcrash from Santa Fe, New Mexico

Get's the heart beating
The music is pretty powerful, but unfortunately I can't translate the lyrics. I wish I could, but can't.

Unusual. Interesting. Get's the heart beating. Sorry I can't add more without a sense of the lyrics and how they fit with the music.

Reviewed by: cdbaker from Loch Burn, Iowa

Who said the French can't do this stuff?!!
Liked the track - violin harmonies particularly characterful.
Good lead male vocal.
Production needed more of a live feel to it IMHO. Drums could been higher up in the mix and brighter; couldn't really hear the bongos.
Tres bien :-)
Cheers from Londres, JC
ps or you could be Canadian I guess :-)
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Mood, Originality.

- Fourteawon
London, England, United Kingdom
January 21st, 2005

A New Song

Very different from the norm
Pretty interesting track. It's got a lot of different things going on, kind of spooky guitars, some funk influence, and horns. Overall, it works pretty well. Someone else said it sounds like the Beatles. I don't hear that, but I do hear some other 60's references in this. I'd like to hear more from this artist.

Reviewed by: leeroyboy from Puyallup, Washington
Sounds like frank zappa
I like the melody and the guitar parts in the verse. Trumpet is way cool, adds a lot. Lead guitar is fine. Nothing stands out. This is pretty groovin.

Reviewed by: audiosaga from Plymouth, Minnesota
Fun Fun Fun
This song was rockin', and I don't use that word often mainly because it's so campy. But it makes you move and bob your head, great! I love the haunting sound of the vocalist, and the trumpets add a great kick to the song. Great job.
Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Guitars, Production, Melody, Mood, Originality, Grooviest Rhythm.

- JacobHarp
Elgin, Illinois
January 22nd, 2005

Todd Andrew Pronovost - Maude
Todd Andrew Pronovost by Mike Cee
Todd's Tatoo
Todd Andrew Pronovost
AGENDA The Rock Band jams at Goose's Pad
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