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Mudhouse Project
New School
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Mudhouse began as a loose group of refugees from several local bands. We've played as a "Bar Band" for a couple of years,mostly doing original Blues and Rock & Roll covers songs. We no longer play "Live" , and confine ourselves to the recording studio. We have had many guest musicians on our recordings, and have broadened our horizens to include some Country , Reggae, and even a "Jazzy" number!!
Why this name?
We wanted a name that was easy to remember...."Mudhouse" is a locally famous haunted house . However when we started selling our music on "I-Tunes", "Napster", and "Amazon" we discovered that name was taken by a Gospel group. So now in all of our venues (except Soundclick) we use the name "Mudhouse Project"
Do you play live?
We've all played live in various bands....We all loved it, but now it's "Been there-Done that" time
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Record companies have ceased to be relevent to most of the people I know.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Well, It depends ...Do we have to "do" any actual work for it.
Your influences?
Muddy Waters, Jerry Lee, Lightnin' Hopkins, Hound Dog Taylor,Johnny Winter,Bob Dylan,Merle Haggard
Favorite spot?
Southern Ohio
Equipment used:
Guitars: Fender Jimmy Vaughn Strat, Tele, G&L Legacy, Martin D28, Johnson metal "dobro", Yamaha flattop.

Amps: Crate 18w "Vintage Club", Modded Fender Bandmaster, Yamaha Bass amp. Tons of effects!!!

Bass: Reverend Rumblefish 4.
Anything else...?
"Lil Elvis" (our drummer) uses a Pearl set

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