NEWS   *****News Flash***** Most of the tunes here have been updated since I moved house. By the time you read this they should be uploaded in full technicolour! ;-p
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play hi-fi  Open Wide
play hi-fi  Perhaps I am
play hi-fi  Broken Tables
play hi-fi  Dumbfounded
play hi-fi  Happy Birthday Hog
play hi-fi  Innocent
play hi-fi  Flex
play hi-fi  See Ya
play hi-fi  Pattern Recognition
play hi-fi  scrubtech
Hi - Thanks for taking the time to check out my page. I'm Ideosphere and these are my tunes (the one's I don't need copyright clearance for anyway!) I'm currently writing electronica ranging from trip hop to lo-fi tech house although most of what you'll find here is of the lo-fi techhouse variety cause of the sample ting - Hope you like it!
Why this name?
An ideosphere is the environment in which thoughts and ideas (memes) exist and evolve. It works in the same way as a biosphere does and is kind of Darwinism for ideas. I like to think that this demonstrates my openness to new ideas and that other people will take new ideas from my music and that those ideas will evolve from there.
Do you play live?
I haven't played my tunes live yet but would like to when I get stable enough equipment (don't trust my PC on stage!) I have played out my tunes at a couple of parties,at the Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham and didn't clear the floor so I've taken that as a sign that I should keep taking things forward! Since signing up to Soundclick I've managed to obtain a residency at A Different Kettle of Fish (monthly at the Bristol Pear - Selly Oak)and slip my tracks in when I feel I can get away with it!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I hope the internet will empower individuals to write the music that they want to and will allow the relaxation of the stranglehold that commercial music has on the industry
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Certainly would!
Your influences?
Think Hard soft - I came to electronic music through goth and industrial stuff. Once I'd heard Lifeforms by Future Sound of London my musical world turned upside down and now I'm into everything from the happyest of hardcore through to trip hop. Most of my tunes have ended up on the trip hop and lo-fi house end of the spectrum and pulls heavily on influences from bands on labels such as Ninja tunes, Warp, React and Slabco Records
Favorite spot?
The middle of a dancefloor at 6 in the morning during a storming Hard Trance set in as dingy a club as possible!
Equipment used:
PC running cubasis and various plugins
Anything else...?
To get a good idea of the style my tunes are orientated toward check out
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