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play hi-fi  Untitled Dubstep Thing
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*update* I'm getting a lot more listens and downloads lately than I have been.. and I'm not really sure who is really listening to my stuff but I just want to say if any of you DO listen to my stuff and stumble across this message; thanks a ton for taking the time to listen. I know that just randomly listening to some person-you-don't-know's music isn't most peoples idea of fun.. so it means a lot that you've taken the time to give me a listen. :) and yeah it would make my day even if you just left a quick comment or shot me a message! thanks again!

Cruelplanet is a one-man project.. just trying to get some of my stuff out for people to hear and get feedback. I used to use a program called Orion but now mainly use Ableton live and a variety of virtual instruments and effects.

I'm usually focused so much on the actual music that I can be pretty poor at promoting myself.. I'd love to work with people on maybe some soundtrack stuff (for videos or games, etc). So that is always a possibility.

Thanks for stopping by my page and please feel free to share your comments if you have any feedback at all. I'm one of those kinds of people who is always open to any kind of constructive criticism.. in fact I try to actively seek it out. So again feel free to share if you have any for me :)
Why this name?
kinda silly but i've always been kind of a sci-fi fan and Cruelplanet just kind of sounded like an electronic group to me. That also allowed me to use the gimmick of naming my songs after celestial bodies whenever I couldn't think of any other names for them.
Do you play live?
not yet but hoping to play out around Asheville if the chance arises.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yeah, probably
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