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I come from a planet of mechanoids. I am here to conquer you. You must freely submit your twinkies and hot pockets for inspection. Resistance is futile.
Why this name?
That is the nomenclature I was assigned when I was assembled.
Do you play live?
Since I am a mechanical construct, you cannot say I truely play live music. However, I am constantly generating and displaying musical sound. I am music, and I write the songs.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It will make the take-over of earth by my mechanoid army much easier.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Soon my robotoids and I will own all the major labels. They will be assemilated.
Band History:
Function() IVirq10 %0X0% aR.$ !(X-Y)+1 %00!/# $##.## xref /00# SPF-30 @#0XX01 END(0X000241) %0X0%. Kernal ADSP-219x TYPE(PM-RAM) (0x017fff) $##.## data2, %00!/# !(X-Y)+1 X1X 100100HX HS700. Else-if KERNAL, %0X0% %0X0% &0,0 &0,0 aR.$ 6^1.01E length[X]-ipSwitch E-.001 00XX0X SPF-30 function() !(AB(X)). @#0xx01 ADSP-219x 6^1.01E {2$T@ KERNAL %0X0% %00!/# 94u A^2+B^2 100100HX 1001001 (0.0). Xref IVirq10 else-if THX1138 xref THX1138 @#0XX01 else-if TYPE(PM-RAM) {2$T@, //-- %0X0% xref $##.##.
Your influences?
Lothar and the Hand People, Telex, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk
Favorite spot?
Area 51
Equipment used:
Type(pm-ram), [n]INPUT 10111 {2$T@ @#0XX01, 56789:CDEFG A^2+B^2, START(0x000242) KERNAL, /00#, 56789:CDEFG. 94u IVirq10 101101000 HS700 TYPE(RPG) HS700, SPF-30 //-- 94u $##.## D0X012. --// KERNAL [n]INPUT 0001000H ADODB //-- 101101000 100100HX aR.$ START(0x000242) AX0X01 SPF-30. {#-#} data2 56789:CDEFG $##.## 1001001
Anything else...?
Perhaps the following rave review of Mr Roboto's smash hit album: "Automatic for the Androids" is in no way illegal, but it is ossified, supercilious and persnickity, and I feel like I'm in 50 chinatown stores playing the thing that makes a cow sound when you turn it over...but like times 100, and that is my current Mr. Roboto experience. This really cuts the bleu cheese. - Dunstan Skinner, Educator and Scholar
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