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collabs with Diabolic, Q Unique, Taiyamo Denku, Pack Fm and many others!
Complex demo Will also be out as well
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play hi-fi  Over Before It Started (Ft Rhawfax)
play hi-fi  Get At Me Ft (Meddasin, Kabz & Klepto)
play hi-fi  The Real Ft (Franchise & Tragic)
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Complex (Peter Celik) is bringing a style completely different to the table, with his signature vocabulary, great wordplay, and all around incredible skill. He is elivating the game as we know it.
Why this name?
The way i got my name is very simple. I was with a couple of people and we were cyphering and i started to rap and go on for like 8 minutes and throughout the time i was rapping. i heard people saying, WOW!!! this kid is complex with his rhymes! and i just heard complex alot... so i decided to call myself complex.
Do you play live?
Yes I perform anywhere and everywhere i have the chance too. I love to perform it is such and enjoyable experience to have people enjoy and feel your music.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet helps the music industry tremendously! it allows unsigned talent to show their skills to millions of people around the world. And in some cases some artists even get fame and fortune. It allows people such as my self to demonstrate our talents and show the world what we can do.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes im willing to sign with any label that accepts me. Hopefully that will happen soon. if not i will keep trying to get signed to one. And i am willing to learn.
Band History:
Complex (Peter Celik) Is elevating the game as we know it!!! With his Intricate rhyme schemes, outrageous metaphors, Intelligent punchlines, and signature vocabulary! He is changing the way that we view Rap/Hip hop. Born In Brooklyn, Ny (Coneyisland) and now in Elmont, Ny (Long island) Peter Celik is currently attending Nassau Community College. Complex is trying to provide a profanity free music, But at the same time is able to show he is very very versatile, by switching his flow from underground lyrical Rap to commerical hits, battles, Important topical songs, and much more. At the young age of 18 years old, Complex is very skilled and talented with the craft he provides. Showing a diverse Blend of catchy hooks, insane tongue twisters, crazy multi's, and a arsenol of punchlines and metaphors, He is drawing in many people to hear and appreciate his art.
(Rappers are entertainers! Emcee's are the true lyricists!)
Your influences?
Canibus,non phixion, eminem, wu tang clan, benefit, necro, ill bill, apathy, mobb deep, q unique, immortal technique, diabolic, mc supernatural, fat joe, big pun, big l, biggie, mos def, common, talib kweli, x zibit, atmosphere, fabulous, rakim, krs 1, Linkin Park, papa roach, goretex, jedi mind trix Man lol the list go's on!!!!!

Favorite spot?
NY Brooklyn,(coneyisland)Long island, My Crib and the Lab.
Equipment used:
my computer
Anything else...?
always stay humble!!! and on top of ya craft and you'll do fine, music can change a whole person's life. rappers just rap, emcee's are the true lyricists!!!
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