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Methodical Chaos
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play hi-fi  Underground Anthem
play hi-fi  Roughness....... Feat... Chappe.... Krysto...
play hi-fi  Life Goes On
play hi-fi  Chaos presents....... Don Killa,,,,, Thug Ego
play hi-fi  Mutant X... feat Nirr
play hi-fi  Emotional Madness... Feat Goko Sinister n $woop
play hi-fi  Vs Point G
play hi-fi  Instant Banga feat. Infamous
play hi-fi  Yaloss Ya Lost
play hi-fi  Sergio Who??
Methodical Chaos is a 21 year old mc from Billings Mt. Been spittin for about 4 years be on the lookout for CDs

Stylistic Arts Entertainment
Why this name?
After about a year of goin through alot of names I took all my styles threw them together and thats the best way to describe it
Do you play live?
Yes, currently and clubs lookin to move on and do bigger shows
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it makes it easier for the unknown to become known
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
only if they picked up my whole label
Your influences?
anything from 2pac to Bob Marley, Temptations and Hendrix to Wutang and Korn, influences come from everywhere whether intentional or not
Anything else...?
All Praises be Above
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