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NEWS   KnightVizion "Dukez of Hazzard" No Floes Barred COMING SOON!!!!
KnightVizion "Knowledge is Power, Ignorance is Bliss" COMING SOON!!!!
KnightVizion & Quaddafi present: "Jihad Joe -vs- Hooded Qobra" the works
Im looking for beats for my solo me, or leave coment if you got beats.....
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play hi-fi  Get Intuit
play hi-fi  Slaughterhouse Meyheim
play hi-fi  Ball Sweat
play hi-fi  Street Knowledge Xtended (Phil Hanson)
play hi-fi  Down N Dirty (BabyVizion)
play hi-fi  Getchorz f/ (Cipo)
play hi-fi  Jus'Ta Spit Phire
play hi-fi  Blaqhole Republicans f/ (Jroc)
play hi-fi  Desperate Kind f/ (Jus Kawze/ Headcase)
play hi-fi  III Strikes f/ (Arkatek)
BATTLE RECORD: 340-17-04(W-L-D))129 KO's
Last Win: Jack Frost.::.Last Loss: Jack Frost

KnightVizion: Emcee, Producer, Graphic artist, CEO of Independant Hip-Hop label, Hooded Qobra Entertainment...

KnightVizion is a very Versatile Emcee, Very Lyrical, yet can adapt to fit any beat, or style presented to Him, He displays this on the Dukez of Hazzard Mixtape Series, by reppin over beats of all style, from Political to Club Bangaz, and from Battle/ Diss tracks, to Heart Felt joints...He can perform all of them seemlessly and sound like That is His main style...KnightVizion been spittin since 1992...He's been around for a hot minute...and doesn't plan on goin anywhere, any time soon...
Why this name?
KnightVizion: a KNIGHT is a warrior who will except any challenge, weather the oddz are against him or not....

VIZION: is the perception of the "visable", while "nightvision" allowz you to see what the naked eye cant see, therefore KnightVizion usez his 3rd eye (mind) to see what otherz can not, the full name is KnightVizion (the Dragon slayer)
in Medieval timez a DRAGON was not realy a fire brething lizard, it was a problem or hazzard to humanz, anything dangerous, for example LIGHTNING, HURRICANEz, TORNADOEz, FIRE, FLOOD etc, as the Dragon Slayer, KnightVizion overcomez his problemz....thus the name....

it breakz down deeper then this, but this is about all that folk can handle for now....
Do you play live?
..::Venues Performed At::..
The Mason Jar (Phoenix Az)
The Emerald Lounge (Phoenix Az)
Americana Lounge (Glendale Az)
JugHeads (Tempe Az)
The Big Fish Pub (Tempe Az)
Stray Cats (Tempe Az)
The Sets (Tempe Az)
Chasers (Scottsdale Az)
Medizona's (Scottsdale Az)
The Loft (Tempe Az)
The Lotus Club (Phoenix Az)
The Blue Agave (Scottsdale Az)
Airliner Club (Los Angeles Ca)
Castles & Coasters (Phoenix Az)
Boy's & Girl's Club (Tempe Az)
Mey Changs (Phoenix Az)
Word of Grace (Mesa Az)
River of Life (Phoenix Az)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
alot of catz (mostly mainstream) think that because theire musicz online they aint gonna get paid....I see it like this....these catz are makin millionz, billionz probally in some special casez, and they got the nerve to cry bout maybe losin a few thousand, they need to look baq to when they were on the street corner spittin their heartz out for nothing....handin out free promo diskz, thatz all the internet is, is free promo, I mean half these catz out these dayz who are my favorite artistz now, I would of never heard of if it wasn't for the net....their reachin placez where they couldn't of before....I understand that the big labelz are hittin everywhere anyway, but still, like I said look back to when you repped on the street....don't forget where you came from....
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No....only a Distribrution deal.....
Band History:
1992...started spittin (age 13)....on street corners (6th & Mill) that was the spot....either that or with my boys with a cassette recorder....freestylin with a beat in the background.... picked up by a local independent label (Sandbox Records), featured on a couple albums while on the label

1999...broke off and started a label with my boy Jroc (BlaQhole Entertainment), we released 3 albums on the label, I featured on all of them. I also started making beats this year.

2001...Started recording my self, and continuing to harness my beat skills, I had a analog Tascam 4 track

2002-2003...Finished "KnightVizion: The Knight of The Living Dead" the LP....which I never released, because I was not happy with it....even though those who heard it said it was dope....

2005...Jroc & I had a falling out...and Blaqhole Entertainment ceased to exist... Joined Hooligan Movement

2006....Established Hooded Qobra Ent., Dropped "KnightVizion: Dukez of Hazzard (the Mixtape)", and dropped one of my artist's albums...."Micheal Fanatic: Assisted Suicide Vol 1"....Performed (13) shows with Hooligan Movement.

2007....Performed 32 Shows both with Hooligan Movement, and on the solo tip....Started working on "Dukez of Hazzard: IInd Rd. KnoQout"

2008....Dropped "Dukez of Hazzard: IInd Rd. KnoQout", Featured on "The Merkstape: Dedicated to the Grind", "Black One: >>>>", "Eno Salla: Genesis-The First Great Cause", "Eno Salla: Exodus-the Movement", Quaddafi: the Pharmasudical Project"

Dj Sandman: In Da Az (1997)
J-Rocafella-X:Fire & Brimstone pt. 1 the Armageddon (1999)
Sandman: Tracks of Life (1999)
Sandman: Satanic Territory (1999)
Blaqhole Ent. presents: The Prophecy (2003)
Elephant Size Productions presents: Arizona Heat Vol. 2 (2003)
Jroc: Baqlash EP (2003)
Nein Raksava presents: Scorpion Kingz 2 (2004)
Franchise Music presents: Probable Kauze Vol 3-The Antidote (2005)
KnightVizion: Dukez of Hazzard (the Mixtape) (2006)
Micheal Fanatic: Assisted Suicide Vol.1 (2006)
Vice Vers: B-Sidez (2006)
Trife Malone: New Terrorism Mixtape (2006)
007 Music LLC presents: The Breaking Word Mixtape Vol 2 (2007)
Calibur 7: Mic Club (Mixtape) (2007)
Hooligan Movement: Remixed & Repulsive (2007)
Trillyum presents: Summer Session 2k7 (2007)
KnightVizion: Dukez of Hazzard (IInd Round KO) (2008)
The 11 Books of Eno Salla: Genesis (The First Great Cause) (2008)
The 11 Books of Eno Salla: Exodus: (The Movement) (2008)
Headcase: 1776 EP (2008)
Phasho: Witness the Coming (2008)
Your influences?
I love underground grimy, catz who aint known and who aint signed, cuz they come the realest....I like underground actz such as, Yuk Mouth, Dialated Peoples, Swollen Members, Aceyalone, Culture VI, TSOI, Judge N Jury, Dark Water, I like bigger actz such as Nas, Jay Z(for beatz), Mos Def, Dead Prez, outkast(originality), Eminem, Dr. Dre (beatz), Canibus, Kanye West(Beatz and Rhymez) as well as local actz here in PHOENIX....BIG UPz to KNOW QWESTION!! its bout time yall do a reunion album.
Favorite spot?
PHOENIX......AZ....da PHOENICIAN EMPIRE....holdin it down....especialy the South Side, and mad love to TEMPE (TAZmanian kingdom)
Equipment used:
Computer, Nuendo 3.0, M-Audio BX8 Studio Monitors, Sound Forge 5,8, FL Studio 5,6,7, Casio WK3000 keyboard,Gemini Sampler, Numark Turntable, DR770 Drum Machine, Tascam DP01FX, Old Dusty Records. but like Nas Said(all I need is ONE MIC!)
Anything else...?
I wanna give MAD RESPECT to every emcee out there doin they thing....keep repppin, and a big one goes out to PHOENIX, to all the emceez I have or will work with, KEEP
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