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Future Folk Demo Room
NEWS   We will be adding new demos later.
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play hi-fi  Raindrops
play hi-fi  City Blues
play hi-fi  Soloing Soldier
play hi-fi  Road Without A Name
play hi-fi  Dancers In The Air
play hi-fi  Good Country Friends
play hi-fi  What I Wish For You
play hi-fi  Sound Of Freedom
play hi-fi  Winding Road

"Future Folk" Music is a variety: Country, Christian,Folk,Blues,Pop etc. That's why the "Future Folk" is in quotes, it refers to the people it speaks for, rather than a genre of music.

Our pages here are to introduce original new songs. We will be working with a variety of collaboraters. We specialize in the "thoughtful"lyric, and the spirit of the Troubadour is our focus. We try to write songs which are good for the acoustic artist, and which have great imagery for videos.

We write in basic, easy to find meter, that is highly adaptable to a variety of stylizing.

Why this name?

Guess I explain that in the Intro. We aim to walk into the future with our friends and have songs that can be played and sung simply,acoustic style,or with full orchestration. We even have a "Folk Opera" in the works now.
If you would like to read the story it is based on
click here:

Do you play live?

We are not selling CDz - We are PITCHING ORIGINAL SONGS for Agents,and Artists to consder.
We welcome airplay if this is understood, and
writers are given credit.
I am Betty J. Curtis. Have to use that J. because there is a Betty Curtis in Europe who has Albums out. I do not play an instrument, nor sing. I am an ASCAP writer member, but am primarily a lyricist.

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?

It offers an earlier universal outlet, than was formerly possible for the new artist. It offers a great showcase for the established artist, and the legends who are no longer offered radio play.
For the listener, it offers a great opportunity to develop a very eclectic taste, through access to a greater variety of music than ever before.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?

Absolutely ! IF the terms were acceptable, and didn't lock me up for life. Music was meant to circulate, and the major labels can offer that quickly.

Band History:

We have been operating separately, and independenty. Soundclick offers us a page to present our music collaboration. For details on background of "Future Folk" Music visit our website :A Road Song

Your influences?

Very wide - from the great crooners Sinatra, Dean,and Perry, through Country stars, Bob Dylan, Reba, Martina, Alan Jackson, Vince Gill,Jim Reeves and others; like Merle Haggard.and the "Highwaymen" Johnny.Waylon, Kris, and Willie -and of course my friend J. Gale Kilgore, whose name you will find on here many times !

Favorite spot?

California Mojave Desert -
or as we sometimes refer to it

"Mojave Beach" .

Equipment used:

As we will vary in artists we work with, this will be varied.

Anything else...?

We hope you like to experiment. We sometimes dip into the Surreal,because we think that will be a part of our future. But we always want to keep heart and soul showing through, whatever the theme. Essentially we just write about our travels on "The Long Road" - all of us.

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