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Steven Keys brings fresh keyboard melodies to the New Age realm of music. After accomplishing well over 75,000 plays and gaining a following online via, Steven has released two home-studio produced albums through the internet (Castle Lore & Traveling Piano), with each album containing a lush tapestry of melodies, expressing rich stories through thematic music.

Steven is a self-taught instrumentalist with a natural ear for simple yet soulful modern pieces. Steven adds, "I love to experiment with Celtic and medieval influences as well, to bring a sort of ageless quality to my music."

Keys grew up in a musical household, a baby-grand always "at hand", and brothers with multiple abilities in singing, guitar playing, and creating music. His younger years spent exploring the piano, yet always in the background of life's other interests. Steven studied Trumpet and Euphonium through his schooling, but moved into the field of Communications in College, and pursued work in the Radio Broadcasting industry for a few years after graduating. His work taught him many lessons in recording techniques and audio editing which he would later apply in the home studio with desktop digital recording.

Steven always kept his keyboard creativity at bay, turning to pursue a new career in web development and design which he focused on from about '95 on, and still remains involved in today. When the "dot com" craze started to dry up, Steven applied his new computer skills towards desktop audio recording and editing. Now in the new millennia of home audio production, making high quality recordings was a piece of cake.

With all the tools in place at the right time, Steven decided to start recording and never looked back. Influenced by artists like Enya, George Winston, David Arkenstone, and countless independent artists who are also now online sharing their own musical creations, Steven has a wonderful "melting pot" of experiences to dip into.

Look for new albums by Steven to appear online, and new keyboard creations to arrive, leading you on a new journey with heartfelt music for the soul.

"For me it's like opening a new book. I don't even know where it's going sometimes. I just like to sit down, explore and record what's deep inside me." - SK

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