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Connmenn: C Gutta Freestyle
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C Gutta Freestyle
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Welcome to the world of a CONNMENN....

Why this name?
The Connmenn has much history. The name comes from Connecticut Men, being a connmenn of the game (Earning respect by making you love our music by giving you what you desire to listen to) and the original group name CONN (Connection Of Northern Knights)
Do you play live?
We love to perform live. Colleges are the best spots because they love when they have events at their schools. Catch us at a local CT or NE club bringing back the love of HIP HOP sound to CT. Talent shows show talent, so we go at a moments notice. We make world rap so where ever there is a stage we are there. We like to perform in CT, cause we got this CT FINEST song and mad heads be standing up for that hit. We rep CT so they love it and We rep New England so they love it, they know we are the missing link. Now you can say them up North boys is doing it. The reason NORTH, SOUTH, EAST and WEST can relate to us is because we have 3 MC's and a singer from CT that hail from all over the nation. Once up State NY at PACE UNIVERSITY we performed for 1,000 people and the sound eqiupment was terrible but we were their half time show and the crowd was feeling it because of our hype and lyrics. The crowd stayed amped and that became our first and favorite performance moment back in 1998.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
MP3 and other downloads are the best thing to happen to music, is it our fault that no one was ready for it. The fans use it more than what the industry was handing out. If an album sucks with 2 hits on it, go get yourself those two hits and move on to the next album, Industry was not ready for that but they knew. Technology has grown to make it possible to download anything you want at your fingertips. It is only right that music be the first thing at everyones fingers. Our culture upgrades when a 2 year old and 102 year old can use the same technology for themselves "Internet". The mouse used to be called the X Y pointer, but the more people use it the more it adjust to what we want it to be. Major companies are heated about the way this new movement is growing they do not know how to make it work for them, but they're trying, for the love of music fans or the love of thier bottom line, which ever it is. The whole industry is adjusting as we speak. Inseminate now, resistance is futile.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
We would still sign a record deal. People got raw deals in the early 80's and 90s. It is the early 2000's and we will not stand for it, They treat you more like partners now. HIP HOP and all forms of it is reaching a 30 year plus status, far from a fad. New England must be represented well in our deal, we will reach the nation on our own, we can do it. In the words of Lil' Rebel he said we can do this many ways the music drives us.
Band History:
Brief Story II:
C.O.N.N-MENN originated in 1996 from the simple fact that CT was not getting any love from the Tri-Sate Hip Hop Scene, as youths we were called simply C O N N and it stood for many things, Calibo of Nice Ni***zz, Coalition of Native Nubians, Northern Nights and so on. In 1999 we stuck with our full time jobs and just talked about music, but none was made. After the hiatus music brought us back together in 2001. We had our old engineer "5 Fingaz" (Shout outs to 5)started his own Studio called Crime Productions right in the hood. It was the Best studio for us, and it brought the best out of us and it kept both Connmenn and 5 Fingaz motivated to take our game to the next level. We had to stand up for CT and N.E where we from cause no one else was doing with hot music like we had. We became our own management/artist/authors/production/performers. We copyrighted two albums and we realize that we are here to stay until we reach our goals set up 7 by the member group. 6 MC's and one singer, was the core of the group. 2 more were added after they heard that we are back at it again but this time at a different level. Soon the group represented the whole nation. North is CT and MASS,MA. South is New Orleans, LA. MID West is our guy from ST. Louis, MO. and West is California-South Central to be exact. We all live in CT by Faith. Do you believe?
Your influences?
We are more into a world HIP HOP sound. We say that because We have international appeal like the BEATLES. Mix that with rhymes of your favorite real HIP HOP heads such as, wu-tang clan/mobbdeep/Mos Def/ NWA/Cash Money/ Scarface/2 Pac/and the singer joe, throw all that in a blender and animate with an up North flava. The Tri-State is different from the rest of the nation, Soon listen to our music and find out yourself. No clones may apply. no sympathy for them!
Favorite spot?
Our favorite spot is NewOrleans or New York City.
Equipment used:
ONE MIC and of course everything and everyone that makes it happen on stage. We love those fans at least they keep it real if some of the artist do not. One Love to all the Tri-state and CT bands out there burning the midnight oil.
Anything else...?
ConnMen Records, LLC 2004
CEO & Company Biography

I started this company in 2004. It almost did not happen; certain things needed to fall intoplace My name is [Corey McDowell aka The Gov/C Gutta]. I was born in New Orleans Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans. In the late seventies my parents moved to the Eastern part of New Orleans. My interests became sports and music. I played on two [AAU national championship teams], which turned out all stars like Kerry Kittles, which I was fortunate to play with on the same team. After high school I was ambitious and wanted to do my own thing. In the early 90’s, before hip hop had commercial success in the south, I decided to run my own business and my brother Shawn McDowell was my co-polite. We called it [C & S House Call Car Wash], it had its own niche and we had the clientele in the area demanding our services. We succeeded in our first business venture because of great networking. Business was great so we mixed music into our business proposal. We used our profit to suggest a record label down south. We visited many family members on the East Coast with those same profits.
We started settling in our families houses in the tri-state area. The comparison was startling. CT was a lot different from our home in New Orleans. New Orleans was the murder capital in those days and I went to a number of funerals. Most of the funerals were of my own friends and family members. New Orleans, LA is still high on the national list as far as a murder rate. CT was an excellent place for business; completely opposite than New Orleans. It was quiet and it was hard for me to make friends. They say my attitude and persona are too strong, they say I need to tone it down. I think I scare many people. I am still adjusting. The friends that I did make were already friends of the family or people from my jobs, people that were real I kept around me but where I am from if you show that weakness you are bound to get stepped on and disrespected. Being weak means you might as well hide because New Orleans was putting up some Iraq type numbers and that’s for real. The best thing for me is not to change but to combine the streets of New Orleans aggression and the politics of CT to create a deadly combination.
When we left New Orleans Cash Money was on the bubble right after Master P who sold 75 million records, some records that the East Coast never heard, they were hot in New Orleans. Those two companies alone made it hard for our success so CT was the best place for us. No Limit Records sold millions of records and Master P’s No Limit started just as we did, we knew it was possible to start small and go big. We visited family on the East Coast and CT had everything except us. We visited CT and we stayed. We had our own territory now. We brought our ideas here. We worked many odd jobs such as carpentry, kitchen, bar keeping, until we were able to bring the team together. I was able to start a record label with some real people. Our first releases under Connmen Records were appropriately titled: ConnMenn-Building an Empire Vol. I and II.
My Brother is now my Co-C E O and an artist under our own label. Being so close to NY, CT has its advantages. Studio time and beats are cheaper. Now we can be a serious contender in the tri-state area. Our friends and family invested in our company. We do not have a distribution deal yet, but we did recoup our $10,000.00 investment and broke even with street and store sales. The $10,000.00 allowed us to press up 1000’s of CD’s and our buzz was growing in the tri-state area. Our goal next year is to use that breakeven money and profit 20,000.00 dollars, meaning a total of 30,000.00 dollars total returns in 2005, with promotion being one of our highest expenses, it’s a challenge. We also look forward to promoting untitled albums Vol. 3 and 4. Our goals are consistent with our company and artist development goals. Connmen Records LLC is also incorporation with Conn-EnnTerprize, LLC our own independent management company. Conn-EnnTerprize is setting us up for a Sony Urban Showcase late this December 2004. Stay updated with the current showcases on our website,, where you can download our free MP3 music. We are also in discussion with sponsors that are interested in expanding our business. Now we are busy promoting Building an Empire Vol. 2 untill the end of 2004. Shawns aka Lil’ Rebels single album is also due out soon, actually all the members of our Group {Connmenn, which consist of K-Starr, Lil’ Rebel, RHYTHM, Kali-4-Ya, The Ninja, Blue Steel and our young singer Harry aka Junya.} will have their time to release an album, with 6 MC’s and a singer the opportunities are endless. Thank you for all the people nationally and internationally who have been downloading our music, thanks for the support. ConnMenn is on the rise.

New Orleans Hard for Life, Nothing can stop us now.


Corey McDowell-C E O
Shawn McDowell-Co-C E O

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