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Hi There, and welcome to our exclusive music pages, Our Names are Dave Duckworth, thats me on the left and Bob Grayson, thats me on the right, we were formerly known as the one and only LCX 9.

We formed the band in the early 1980s and played alternative punk & new wave music and we played it hard and fast.

Most of the music was recorded live in a terraced two up and two down house in a surburban location called Brynn St in St Helens Lancs as it was back then.

We had a rare breed of instuments that we shared including guitars synth and drum machine and we also shared the vocals.

All our recordings where put on to tapes and archived over the years until now when they have recenly been restored and transferred on to CD.

This page is a dedication to all our friends in St Helens who were part of the punk and electronic music scene back in the late 70s and early 80s.
Oh and Uncle Ernie too.

Why this name?
We were walking around the back streets of St Helens one day trying to decide on a name for our band, when we spotted a posh car parked at the rear of the magistates court, it had a unique reg plate which still exists today. you guessed it it was LCX 9, and the rest is history.
Do you play live?
We never actually played a gig but we had plenty of live practices hence the musical footage, we used to get quite a lot of local interest too from friends family and the pet dog who was called shep.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The Internet is a golden opportunity to get your music out to the masses, so use it but dont abuse it. The alternative is acoustic.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I dont think anyone would have us, but if there is someone out there who wants us, yeah we are up for it, although we are are both forty and fatter now, it would still be nice to be rich and famous, never mind beauty and fame can be a dangerous combination, Go Mr Blobby..
Band History:
Me and Bob and the instruments that were our craft, The Unique Episcope EP and sadly now lost forever The extremely rare Cigarettes and Fantasy Session Tapes.

Some Interesting Facts: The main front cover for The Episcope EP. was picture cut outs from an old Argos Catalogue, and the text was done in a sex pistol rough cut out letters theme.
Then all put together with bits of sellotape, and photocopied in Black and White for that extra abstract darker feel.

Fact 2: Other bands that went before the dawn of LCX 9 were Chaos, Chaos Unlimited, Rizzo, Unit 7, The Vomiting Rods, and Homicide. thanks to one and all.
Your influences?
The Sex pistols, Clash, Vibrators, Buzz cocks, UK Subs, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan & Tubeway army, Japan, OMD, and a long list of others.
Favorite spot?
Dave D is Paris, Bob G is I dont know sorry, send him an e-mail to find out.
Equipment used:
We used a lot of interesting instruments and amplification techniques back then, but we like to keep that sort of information under wraps.
The acoustics in Bobs kitchen were crap, this along with the roll up's and sneezing fits made for tough working conditions and some clever tape editing.
We also practised in the living room and the bedroom but the bathroom and toilet never seemed just as apealing, although we did use the toilet flush sample for the intro on the ever popular track Suicide.
Anything else...?
A Mention goes out to my late Grandad Duckworth for supplying the tapes, The Chippy Gang, Betty, Uncle Ernie, Janet & Jon, Karen & Rebekah, John Glover, The Globe, Lil and Sandra, The Town Hall, Sunday School, Central Modern, Parish Church, Fosters Park, The Bergies, and all the wonderful residents of Brynn St and St Helens and anyone else we couldnt fit in, So long live rock and roll, and hey it was a blast!

Thanks to for the use of his images on our tracks.
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