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I began Spacebum in 2000 in order to produce some atmospheric space music. What I wanted to achieve, on the individual who listen, is the sensation of isolation and fear of be alone in deep space.The experience was exciting and fun. In 2001 I completed my first production ‘Stars: ends’ and the second one the next year, 'Star Voyager'. Both albums are full of Space and Ambient music, cold techno and dark dub tracks mixed up with some cult movie quotes. They were distributed in a independent way, obtaining good acceptance. In 2003 I participated on a various artists album, 'Chill Out Asia', published by Pattaya records label. In 2005 came out 'Beyond Doomsday', where the Space Ambient becomes stronger, but incorporating tribal elements and more exotic instrumentation. The results is the perfect music for relaxation and meditation.
In the following years I was busy with other side projects such as Sahumerio (, Koolgado ( and Green Dread ( In the 2010 I finished the next album, ‘Lost in space ', where I came back to be isolated in space again. There is a great rhythmic work in this album, taking the tunes to a dark trance level. The last album was realized in the 2014, "Weird Planet". It's a classic Spacebum's album for Space Music lovers. It have great Ambient moments and is influenced by early '90 electronic music. It contains strong trance songs and dreamy melodys.
Your influences?
The ORB, Banco de Gaia, Children of the bong, System 7, Eat Static, William Orbit, Ozric Tentacles, Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, Gong, Dreadzone, Shpongle, OTT, Bill Laswell, Solar Fields.
Favorite spot?
Eta Carinae
Equipment used:
synthesizer, sequencer, pianos, guitars, bass, PC, VSTI, midi controller.
Anything else...?
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