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these walls so thin
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Joel Pirard has been playing, writing, and recording original rock music for years, as a guitarist, bassist and keyboardist. In 1981, Joel met DON PITZ Joel and Don played together in ALASKA, (featuring Dan Palladino), Tombstone and ANTHEM. In 1985, Joel answered a call for a keyboardist for THE ALIENZ, where he met ARNO TIETJE. Arno and Joel soon became fast friends, and thus the seeds of The JDA Project were sown. The JDA Project has released 3 CDs, A Fine TIme, Through A Moving window INVALID Now with their 3rd CD SYZYGY, The JDA Project is ready to rock!
Don Pitz is JDA's primary lead vocalist. He also plays keyboards, guitar, bass, and percussion. Don first encountered Joel in the band ALASKA, and when that band folded they both separately auditioned for a local hot cover band called ANTHEM, and as luck would have it, both got in! At the same time Joel had been playing with THE ALIENZ and introduced Don to Arno, so the association was born which lead eventually to the formation of JDA.
Arno Tietje is the primary lead guitarist in The JDA Project. Arno also sings, plays bass, percussion, lap steel guitar, and harmonica. Arno also writes much of The JDA Project's material, and is a gifted arranger. His JDA Project association began with Joel joining his band THE ALIENZ. In 1997, when The JDA Project first recorded together, the real 'magic' was born. . The rest is history.
Lawrence "Larry" Lipsen studied trumpet and piano as a child. He majored in classical guitar in college.Lawrence has been playing electric bass since the age of sixteen. A native of Lexington, Mass. He has played in rock and blues bands in and around Boston, Denver, San Francisco, and New York.On occasion, he solos on classical guitar. A resident of Edgewater NJ, Lawrence also serves as music director of the Edgewater Music and Arts Council.
Robert (Robbie) Offerman is a fixture on the local music scene is well known to many Westchester musicians and fans alike. His solid drumming and quick memory for obscure songs has made him a valuable asset to many a rock and roll outfit. . Most notably, in ‘The Clamour’: starting in 1980 with gigs at ‘The Rising Sun’. As it turns out later versions of the Clamour included former JDA Project drummer Chris Sottile. Recently he has recorded and played with the now defunct Lord Saytr & The Surf Gods a surf-punk band. Now currently with ‘The Toddlers’, and The JDA Project, Robbie is a drummer who has done and continues to do it all!
Why this name?
J for Joel, D for Don, A for Arno now modified to THE JDA PROJECT
Do you play live?
YES, Evorlution Concerts, The Boston Show!
Kenny's Castaways, MontClair Stage, Images, Fiesta Cancun, Olive's, Cornwall 4th of July Concert, Veterans Field Art Festival
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Joel knew Don, and Joel knew Arno. They recorded seperately and together for years, worked in bands together, Joel And Don in Anthem and Alaska; Joel and Arno in The Aliens. When the three got together , something magical happened..

D: I spent a lot of time playing in rock clubs in the area, especially New Jersey, which is how I met these guys.
J: I played with Don in two other bands, Alaska and Anthem, in 1981 and 1983 respectively, and occasionally recorded with him for fun. I met Arno in 1985, when I joined The Aliens, an avante-guard, Talking Heads-Squeeze type of original band. When The Aliens folded in 1987, Arno and I kept in touch. We recorded with Don around this time for the first time. Two of those songs will appear in brand new arrangements on "Through A Moving window INVALID " These early sessions planted the seeds, although it was years before we came together as The JDA Project. I guess I'm sort of the 'pivot' man.
A: We all respected each other's musical talents in and out of bands and got along so well that an association at some point seemed logical. There are many tracks that Joel and I recorded together that may someday get reworked in The JDA Project manner. "Carry It Through" was one recorded for the first time right after The Aliens broke up.

With Erwin Brea on bass, and Chris Scott on drums and vocals, the band made their live debut at the famous venue KENNY'S CASTAWAYS in NYC in 2005 and a return engagement soon followed. However, Erwin left the band to pursue other comittments.

Larry Lipsen joined up on bass shortly afterward, and has remained with the band ever since. Ron Cook took over the drumming in THE JDA PROJECT in 2007 when Chris left due to illness, and remained with the band until Chris's return.

(Robbie) Offerman is a fixture on the local music scene is well known to many Westchester musicians and fans alike. His solid drumming and quick memory for obscure songs has made him a valuable asset to many a rock and roll outfit. . Robbie is a drummer who has done and continues to do it all!

Your influences?
The Who, The Beatles, Genesis, Procul Harum, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Alan Parsons, Cream
Anything else...?
CD "DROPSTONES" is out now!
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