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NEWS   FutureMusicCorp is proud to announce the release of the album Etoile Nord, availible as a zipped mp3 download from www.shopsonic.com
Kyle Junior
*No Bad Days* Travis Scott x Killy Type Beat
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play hi-fi  Lost in the Stars
play hi-fi  When the machine start to dance
play hi-fi  Slow-Motion
play hi-fi  Cosmic Organ Sequence
play hi-fi  Sparkling Drone Pad
play hi-fi  Etoile Nord
play hi-fi  City at Night
play hi-fi  WaveMachine
play hi-fi  Spaced-out
play hi-fi  Twilights Last Gleaming
FutureMusicCorp is the artist name of Mike65 who can be found most days behind the wheel of a van.

I had been doodling for a little while before I went online when I realised I would need a name. FMC was created in 1999 after I discovered I might be good enough to post a few mp3s on the interweb thingy. FMC remains a strictly part-time thing to keep me amused with the chance of making a few euro at some point, maybe!
Why this name?
FutureMusicCorp was the name chosen as it seemed appropriately anonymous for an elctronic/ambient act.
Do you play live?
FMC is a studio bound project and I'm sure it'll stay that way.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes us all stars and should kill off big corporate players once enough ppl have broadband and are willing to pay for on-line music and downloads.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If the terms were fair, yes.
Your influences?
Tricky one this, bits of Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and others but mainly visual images like Hubble telescope pix of deep space.
Equipment used:
Nothing fancy - a standard PC, lots of plug-in synths, a real module box by Korg and thats it.
Anything else...?
I've finally got round to compiling tracks for my first album availible as a download from www.shopsonic.com.

Its called Etoile Nord and costs just £3.50 which is about $5.00. Great value for about 50 mins of music!
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