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play hi-fi  MISTER BABYLON 1995
play hi-fi  Growing
play hi-fi  Bella Ciao
play hi-fi  Grow Your Weed
play hi-fi  Who Is It?- Steppa Dub Mix
play hi-fi  I've Been Waiting For Too Long Riddim
play hi-fi  Lo Strumento Jam 2
play hi-fi  InterneTshonal Dub
play hi-fi  Spudoratamente
play hi-fi  Con Il Sole Dentro
..delivering all kind of reggae style in a style of his own...all instruments and vocals by Skankindaddy except where otherwise stated...
Why this name?
It is my artist name ....skankin'because this is what reggae music is also about and that what you do with the rithmic guitar...daddy because I generate music and baby boys....
Do you play live?
I used to but now I don't anymore....I do play live the instruments you ear in my music, basses, keyboards, sometimes percussions, of course my voice....
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Well the internet will change the music industry as artist can easilt promote and sell their music without going through a record company...the wiyh it artists can know each other, collaborate and work togheter even being scattered all over the world...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course!!!!
Band History:
Skankindaddy has been working and performing with reggae bands in Italy since the mid-80's..
In 1990 he went to live in London UK where for 5 years did the same thing...skankin and vibrating with local underground artists and reggae bands...In 1996 get back to Italy but his love and inspiration through reggae music is continuos and will last forever...Jah knows..
Your influences?
Favorite spot?
Every place were you can't see or feel any hint of civilisation or human modification of the nature...mountains, sea , country...
Equipment used:
I use a Pentium4 pc, Acid, Sound Forge, Fruity Loops as software... Gem Workstation keyboard; 4-track mixer,Warwick bass guitar,Gibson semi acoustic guitar,a japanise electric guitar, a very cheap nylon-stringed guitar..Pod 2.0 guitar effect,Dunlop's Jimi Hendrix Wah Wah pedal, Yamaha SPX50D sound processor, a microphone my friend Papafaus lent me...all my love for reggae music and the inspiration!
Anything else...?
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