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The Wimshurst's Machine
Magic Lights (2011 video)
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12/31/11 @ 12:40 PM     post a comment
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This is the videoclip for the most-wanted track Magic Lights, remade in 2011 using the song version contented in 'Aquarius (the best of TWM)'.
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"...It is easy to imagine yourself peacefully lounging in a scenic land while listening to these compositions, which use a wide array of acoustic instrumentation backed by ambient electronica."
( editor's review)

"Listening to the The Wimshurst's Machine (TWM in short) you'd travel into a relaxing world of good music. TWM plays a mix of acoustic and electronic music, sometimes inspired by ancient or traditional tunes (Irish, indian or spanish), mixed with modern sounds, from chill-out to jazz, with a mix of acoustic and electronic instruments. The music of TWM is something that will make you dream. A dream you won't forget."
(published TWM review)

You may find our music for sale also on iTunes music store: we reached #2 top electronica CD sold (#26 overall) on iTunes Italian online music store between january 6 and 13, 2005 (since january, official iTunes release date, never went out from the Top100), and had a song ("Freedom Calls") in the Top10 electronica most downloaded songs on the same iTunes store!
At the moment you may buy this way both "A traveller who didn't ask for glory", our 1st CD and "The Alchemist", our 2nd one. Check out our link section for a direct link on those albums pages on iTunes!

The band won the International Online Music Awards 2006 as "Best Instrumental Artist"!
Thank you, everyone, for this result! :-)

Why this name?
There is nothing as fascinating as an old technology, so we chose this old precursor that made possible even the use of electricity in modern times. The choice happened by chance, talking in a brewery, while looking for an original band name that would show the world how complicated but fascinating our project is. You may say is "steampunk" and, well, it is. :)
The Wimshurst Machine (La Macchina di Wimshurst) is a charming object, and in memory of the marvelous 70s band named after Van De Graaf Generator we decided was a weird but appropriate name.
Do you play live?
It's always rare to see us live. We are 8 and even if many are ex-pro-musicians, we do have other works as our main activity (4 air traffic controllers, 1 technician, an employee, a typographer and a 3d animations guy). Anyway we had some good venue (such as winter olimpic games in 2006, together with Magnetic Poets).
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet music is the future. Well, is the present day already. Just as the original WM started the world with electricity, we'd like to be in the 1st generation of this new amazing world.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Well, who knows. We're not illuding ourselves to become rich with our music, but you never know if someone is interested in making money with our music... we'll see! Anyway we did already score several movies, stage plays and documentaries.
Band History:
The Wimshurst's Machine is a project born by the music passion of each component and a mad idea, developed between friends and colleagues with little time to play together "in person". Thanks to modern softwares and computers it has become possible to play together (both electronic and acoustic instruments) even when living apart, recording each track separated from the others with modern "home made studios". Then it evolved into a more "common" standard, having a main "body" of 4 elements always jamming together, with the others adding just their lines separately.

Making our 1st CD (A traveller who didn't ask for glory, 2004), we imagined the story of an explorer. We thought of ancient explorers that made their lives mostly violent (unfortunately) but incredible adventures. So, in this album you may listen to a story, that tells of an ancient traveller who obtained glory when he 'just' was searching for himself across the world. Maybe someone would even recognize who he is.

We completed The Alchemist(2005), our 2nd CD, with 70 minutes of new tracks (and is even better than our 1st CD), a brand new story of a middle age scientist/phylosopher, made of music and adventure.
We kept making concept discs also with Time Traveller (2007) a double CD with a full story written by Duilio Chiarle and illustrated by Daniele Scerra. Then with Secret Gardens (2009) we collected the soundtracks we made in a 3-parts CD (one ambient, one smooth jazz and one classical). Also in 2009 we released Aquarius our 1st "best of". In 2010 another concept disc: Thunder and Lightning and in 2011 a collab album with Corrado Rossi, Tokyo Rain. For 2012 we plan a live album, Breathe; and a vinyl release for collectors only, in a limited edition, Clouds.
Your influences?
We play what's going on in our heads and hearts, so I must say each one of us likes different kinds of music, but the union of the 8 of us created something that looks like "Cafe' Del Mar" or "Buddha Bar" as a 1st impression. We like the idea to set a mood for the complete album, that has to be an experience in itself and not "just" a collection of songs.
Favorite spot?
Italian Alps, and Scottish/Irish shores, or the deep blue of a tropical sea. Oh... I forgot Monument Valley? Well, there are many and since winter 2006, our homecity all dressed with lights and full of the Winter Olympic Games lights! ;-)
Equipment used:
We do have plenty of acoustic instruments, from Saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor and bari), clarinet, flutes, guitars (classic and spanish), trumpets, dulcimer, bagpipes, mandolin, drums and lots of others... but we have also plenty of electric guitars, many different MIDI keyboards/controllers and so on. At the same time we also use powerful softwares, to record our music professionally but at low cost.
Anything else...?
I hope you'd enjoy our music, and if you'd like to use our music as a soundtrack, you have just to ask us with an email: we are inexpensive, since we have other jobs and play music just for the pleasure of it. Oh, by the way: if you're interested in our CD, check it on "CD-baby" store, and read the many 5 stars reviews of it!

If you're interested in our CDs, you may check it from the CDbaby:

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