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Nonsense Productions
New School
Regular License $50 | Premium License $70 | Professional License $100. beatscraze.co
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play hi-fi  Hot in the Club
play hi-fi  Fresh
play hi-fi  Rise Up
play hi-fi  Dont Stop
play hi-fi  Twisted
play hi-fi  Superstar
play hi-fi  Bring It
play hi-fi  Break It Down
play hi-fi  Streets is Watching
play hi-fi  Getaway

Click HERE to download a video of me making a beat from scratch.

The Official Site-www.NoNseNse Productions.Net
If you are looking for hot hip hop and r&b beats then you came to the right spot. Nonsense Productions provides some of the hottest beats for an album, mixtape, demo, etc. Email me DJ NoNseNse916@aol.com to discuss prices or if you have any questions.

Buying Options:

EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS ($100 and up): With exclusive rights you'll be able to use the beat for all profitable commercial or broadcast purposes. Exclusive rights are sold to only one user and cannot be resold or transferred to any other party. The only rights I keep are the ones saying that I made the beat, so my name will go in the credits as the producer of the beat.

LEASING RIGHTS ($25 and up): With leasing rights you can use the beat for only ONE profitable commercial or broadcast purpose, you will have non-exclusive rights to the beat. Say you want to use a beat for your album that you'll be selling, well if you purchase leasing rights you will not be able to use that beat for anything except the album. That means you cannot use the beat for live shows, radio play, tv appearances, compilations, etc...you can only use it for your album. Leasing rights can be sold multiple times by DJ NoNseNse and cannot be resold or transferred to any other party by anyone but DJ NoNseNse. If you are on a lower budget then your best bet is to go with leasing rights, the price is much lower than exclusive rights.

Custom Beats (Email for prices): Custom beats are made for you and you only. This option is usually for more serious artist with a higher budget. A $100 security deposit is required. I will work with you to make sure the track comes out the exact same way you want it and I will keep you updated on my progress by sending it in mp3 format with voice tags for security purposes or by phone.

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