Dirty Rice
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play hi-fi  my girl
play hi-fi  Mind on my money intro
play hi-fi  What chu need
play hi-fi  100$ Crisp
play hi-fi  Gasta go get it
play hi-fi  Keep Hope
play hi-fi  dropp'n dimes (freestyle)
play hi-fi  my doe
play hi-fi  always be good 2 you (Mr. Heat remix)
What it do, dirtyRICE...TEXAS...dirty3rd, southside...you already know we on fire...ya figadeal me...
Why this name?
Real name is jeffRICE, so grow'n up "dirtyRICE" there you have it...ya figadeal me...
Do you play live?
Not yet, mainly just mix and mingle in my make shift studio.....ya figadeal me...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Shiiiiii, gives everyone a chance, Iv heard more tight a$$ beats on here than MTV/BET.......ya figadeal me...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Paper is paper, if tha money is correct, damn straight.....ya figadeal me...
Your influences?
I grew up in the middle of the D.J. Screw era, then went straight into Mike Watts and the swisha house era, so anyone that came up through them influenced me like theyll never know,while everyone in America was bumpin mainstream hip hop, we (Texas) was baingin SCREW and Watts. My alltime fav doe is got 2 be U.G.K...tha pimp is free baby yall betta ask somebody, thank God im ready to hear Pimp C, do ya thing baby...ya gots to figadeal me on that...
Favorite spot?
Texas main, down south its just a whole different thang down here, and when I say Texas i mean any spot any city, but i have 2 send a special shout out 2 Nacogdoches, yeah born and raised Redland 4 life...ya figadeal me...
Equipment used:
Roland vs-840Ex
Anything else...?
I just got a few things to say 1st off shout out 2 my best friend since kindergardekn, what it do Flight, through thick and thin I can always call on you and you there 4 me, thank ya baby...what it do my REDLAND CLIC DOGGz, Blake, Scoota, Wayne, Mike J need 2 holla at ya boy, B Mac, Hershey loc kid mike williams, my Two1 doggz E Ross you and flight my 2 brothers by different mothers, them Deck twinz, Throb locster..yal ladies betta watch yallselfz, P.J.aka 180, Justin, Buckwhite, Chat....my country boy click J.R. my third brother got luv 4 ya, Gill "trill" Miller, Bobcat, curtis, Bradie Wheeler, Junebug, Benny Wayne...Special shout out COOK BOOK on lock, keep ya head up.....and a special get up with cha boy shout 2 Johnny Miller and Mike J what chall know bout them Texas boyz yall need to quit bull $hitn and come on lets do this damn thang..what it do C-Tizzle aka tha rap hustler, holla at cha boy....and finaly my getaway my baby, I luv you Shellie, you the realest chick I ever met....if i didnt holla at cha my bad you know I got A.D.D and I be forgetin sometimes, if I say whats up 2 ya I got luv 4 ya....Ya figadeal me
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