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NEWS   Jesus is Lord. Isn't that good news.

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play hi-fi  Ephesians 4:29-30 rough
play hi-fi  Mark 4:26-28
play hi-fi  romans 8-6
play hi-fi  Psalm 130:4
play hi-fi  Psalm 45:16-17
play hi-fi  Psalm 36:7-9
play hi-fi  Philippians 1:6
play hi-fi  John 15:7
play hi-fi  Hosea 11:1
play hi-fi  Hebrews 2:14
It's all about the Word. I'm enjoying singing the Bible. Feel free to sing along.
Why this name?
To keep anonymous. Actually I wouldn't be disappointed if the name could be left blank. But that is not as simple to do as it sounds. Thanks.
Anything else...?
Yes, the name of Jesus is the highest name in the universe. All knees will bow and all tongues confess that Jesus is Lord. Why not do it now?
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