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Hi, I'm a self-taught basement musician--it's that simple.

My music has been featured on podcasts such as X Pat Radio 160, The Home Made Hit Show 63 and Fresh Ubuntu 28...

I'm also a proud member of the Podsafe Music Network.

I'm not out to make money; I only want people to hear my music. If you like it, that's even better... My ultimate goal is to put all of these songs together as a complete album (I'm almost there!); then I will have fulfilled a dream I've had since my teenage years...
Why this name?
...just a nickname that's carried on.
Your influences?
Rock, pop & anything goes...
Equipment used:
Zoom MRS-8 for recording, '78 Ibanez Iceman guitar, Washburn bass, Shure SM58 microphones and Johnson J-Station effects.
Anything else...?
This site is here to show what I've done in the studio. All comments are welcome and appreciated.
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