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Chiasm -"Relapse" - 2005 - COP International

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Chiasm is a female solo dark electro project from Detroit created by Emileigh Rohn, on COP International records.
She started the project in 1997 while in graduate school for Biology in Detroit as a creative release from her studies, and has really captured a personal expression of herself in her music. She has been formally trained in piano since the age of five, and performed publicly as a singer since grade school through the present. Chiasm is signed to COP International records (http:/, and you can purchase her music directly through them as well as several mainstream vendors such as
Why this name?
I wanted to choose a name that represented my personal experiences, which at the time highly involved current studies in human neuropsychology. The optic chiasm, a structure in the brain credited with the ability for continuous and peripheral vision, seemed a worthy name on several levels, especially since the name "chiasm" is also a literary and biblical term that dates back for centuries, representing both a point of crossing over, a greek symbol of X, or chi, as well as a need in my own life to move past the boundaries I had previously set for myself and progress forward in a new path.
Do you play live?
Yes, I do play live, usually a few times each year, and I highly enjoy the opportunity to share my music with fans in a more personal venue. Some of my favorite experiences have included playing with Assemblage 23 in Detroit, as well as headlining a solo act in Montreal. I've always felt that the numbers are less significant than the intensity in spirit of the people that share the music with you.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It really broadens the fanbase for people that are into the music because they want to write it, as well as the variety of music available to listeners, rather than only hearing the available corporate banter that is fed to you. Most of the mainstream music heard today is not strictly a product of the songwriter him/herself, but rather a manufactured representation of pop culture from the industry's perspective. The internet makes it much easier to communicate with people, and I am thankful that it exists.. at this point I would have a hard time living without it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If I continued to have complete creative control of my music, I would have no reason not to. Currently I am very happy with COP International, they've been both supportive and inspiring.
Band History:
I started the Chiasm project in the winter of 1997 while in grad school for molecular biology in Detroit as a creative outlet for my frustrations. In 1998 I self-released my demo album, "Embryonic", and played a bunch of shows while submitting my music to record labels. I was signed to COP International records in 1999 and debuted on their compilation cd "Diva x Machina vol. 3" in 2000. My debut album on COP, "Disorder", was released in 2001. I've continued to write new material and tour a bit since then, and have had several tracks released on compilation cds in the meantime. In 2003, COP released a remix album I had put together with labelmate TL5 called "Divided We Fall", in which we collaborated and each remixed five of each other's tracks for full-length album. My album "Relapse", was released in 2005 on COP International, and the "Prefrontal" EP on iTunes in 2006. Although sometimes my writing style has been hard to classify, the music I've written has mostly fallen into some aspect of the dark electro/industrial genre. Look forward to the new album, "REFORM", in 2008!
Your influences?
In the early 90's I really enjoyed listening to Einsturzende Neubauten and Skinny Puppy as well as some Nine Inch Nails. I also really enjoyed the Japanese noise/art film, Tetsuo:The Ironman, which had some influence on me. I like the band Merzbow, and Kraftwerk, and then I like more mainstream artists such as Bjork and Kate Bush as well.
Favorite spot?
Frankenmuth, MI is the coolest tiny German town I've ever been to. It's definately worth visiting if you're into the whole Octoberfest/beer/chicken/sausage experience.
Equipment used:
As far as electronica goes, I'm still a big fan of hardware as opposed to software. I use mainly Korg, Roland, Novation, and EMU boards and modules.
Anything else...?
Buy my CDs here:COP International Store
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